Friday, October 29, 2010


Something is wrong with Liv. I'm not sure what yet, but its been going on for a few days. I thought she was feeling warm a few days ago...then came the rash on her belly and chest. Next was the irritability. She is definitley not herself. There is fits over everything...minor turns into major. She keeps hurting herself and after a little investigation (damn you google), I think I've confirmed what we thought earlier which is an ear infection. We are thinking ear infection, because of the fever, irritability, and she has been super clumsy and hurting herself a lot. I hope thats what it is, not because I want her to be sick, but because I just want it figured out. This mama can't take much more.

Pat came home two days ago and Liv was a complete joy terror the whole time. The only thing thats saving me is that she's sleeping well at night still. Thank god, because by the time 7pm rolls around I have been in need of some alone time. However, if Liv is feeling better and everything gets figured out, I'm going to celebrate an adult Halloween tomorrow and Liv is going to go trick or treating on Sunday. I am so so so excited to put her in her homemade elmo costume. I'm pretty proud of it and I think she'll get into it :).

So, wish us luck that we'll figure out what is wrong with Liv tomorrow...oh and that we don't have to wait hours to get in.

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