Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweet and Sour

Hello Strangers. Between working, raising a crazy 3 year old, and the husband's random trips out of town....I have seriously put updating my blog on the back burner. I was a little upset with myself when I realized that I didn't even post about Liv's 3rd birthday. It's funny how I used to celebrate monthly on the blog, so I am going to start off writing again with a post about Liv and what she's up to.

Liv being a "spirited" child still holds true. She challenges me every day. With her challenges and the ferocity that she holds her ideas with, she also loves me with. Sometimes I call her my little sour patch kid...sometimes she's sweet and sometimes she's sour, but when she's sweet it wipes away all the sour things she does....I also happen to enjoy sour candies :).

She still loves "school" and it's great to see her making friends. When she started daycare she didn't really have much interest in the other kids. Fast forward to her moving into the "big kids" classroom and she "talks" to her friends all the time...in the bathtub, at bedtime....she loves pretending they are standing right next to her.

She has also found a shyness that really surprises me. Maybe it comes with age and knowing what is appropriate and not appropriate, but if she is introduced into a setting where there is new people or things, she needs some time to warm up. It doesn't usually take long and I won't complain about the snuggles I receive while she warms up.

Her teachers at school continue to surprise me with their updates. They have been known to tell me that Liv is very gentle with others, cooperative, and a "neat" eater. I would love to see Liv display some of this at home, but I guess if I have to take one or the other, I'll take her behaving at school.

We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and are getting ready for the approaching American Thanksgiving. Dani is coming to visit and will be here to celebrate with us. Liv is very excited and god forbid Auntie Dani goes to visit my mom, because the sheer mention of Auntie Dani seeing someone else besides her brings her to tears.

I have a few pictures to share and I will try to be a little more diligent about my updates.

See. Sour.


Tickle Torture has been known to bring out the sweet....


And then it's mama's turn to bring the Sour.