Tuesday, June 19, 2012

working woman

Well sort of. I'm a faux working woman for the next couple of weeks. I get up, get ready, and go to work...but I'm not really doing my job yet. I had orientation on Monday and then today I sat around and shadowed the women in customer service. I will spend the rest of the week doing a production rotation, which involves lots of laundry and the ugliest uniform ever worn...I might take a picture to document the 10 inch zipper on these slacks (yes slacks is the correct term for these monstrosities), then I will be out with the service reps for the rest of the week. 

It definitely feels good to get out of the house and start "working", but I am a little antsy to get started on my actual job. I'm feeling all stressed and anxious about it because I will be covering for my manager's position when she goes on Maternity leave (which for everyone in the States, that is 12 whole months in canada!). She is only about 5 months so I have some time, but my anxious self likes to start stressing out early.

Blogging might be put on the back-burner for a bit because hello, I haven't worked in two years and getting into it again has proven tiring. I'm not used to waking up at 5am. I do enjoy it though, there is something about getting up and drinking coffee, showering, and getting ready alone that sets my day off right.

Liv is doing fantastic. She loves her daycare and hasn't made a peep about the slightly longer hours and extra days. She gets a little miffed if she gets there before her favorite teacher is there, but I'm thinking this will pass in a few weeks when she realizes she gets there earlier from now on. 

Father's day was lovely. We let Pat sleep in and I found a cute questionnaire on pinterest titled "All About My Dad", framed that and we gave him a book that he already had (oops). I will need to post the answers Liv put for these questions because they were really entertaining. When asked what her dad always tells her, Liv answered "that I'm a maniac!". Also, when asked how old her dad was she said "two.....no, I two....I can't know!". It was funny to say the least.

So that is my update for now. I have a bachelorette party (stagette party for the canadians) this weekend, but most likely Liv and I will be hanging out outside and I will have some pictures to post on Sunday.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Big News!

Drumroll please......I am employed! I was hired today :). I am so happy and excited to start this new chapter in our lives. I start Monday and hello lifestyle change. I am nervous but I'm sure we will all adjust just fine.

Other than that we have a busy weekend coming up with Liv's dance recital! It's sure to be stressful but filled with cute. I am looking forward to how she does, she is a little timid in front of new people and situations so I'm not sure how she will feel being on stage in front of lots of new faces.  I've had to do her hair and make-up for dance a few different times already so I feel confident, but I'd be lying if it didn't make me a little sad to see my baby wearing make-up :(. It's a requirement and part of the package so I'm sucking it up.

Liv and I are heading back to Michigan on July 5th for my friend, Ashley's, wedding. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and friends and celebrating with Ashley and Nate! I will be heading back on the 9th and Liv is going to stay with my family until the 23rd...crazy, I know. I want her to experience summer in the U.P. and my mom and I have been talking about doing this annually for awhile now. My family would like to be able to spend quality time with Liv every year also. It will be interesting though. I don't know how I will survive without my little gremlin sidekick.

This has definitely been the most exciting week I've had in awhile and I am thrilled to be able to finally say I have a job!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks.
all done up for her dance rehearsal.

Her face in this picture reminded me of when she was a baby :(.

her new favorite red shoes! I love you Value Village :)

one more of my beautiful girl.