Monday, May 28, 2012

a long update.

I don't want to jinx myself, buuut I have a second interview tomorrow!! This would be the second, second interview I've had. However, I didn't follow through with the first one because the hours were 1pm-9pm monday through friday and I am not willing to give up putting Liv to bed every night. This job is something I wouldn't have ever saw myself doing, but seriously, posing "I need a job" as your status on facebook opens up a lot of opportunities (who knew??!) and I realized I know more people in Calgary than I thought I did. So wish me luck on that!

Also, last weekend I threw Pat a 30th Surprise Birthday party! I obviously didn't write about it because I didn't want him to find out. I can confidently say he had no idea, it was so much fun, and it felt great to surprise Pat...he's not an easy person to surprise. I was a weasel and called Pat's friend to take him golfing for the day of the party. However, Pat was being difficult and wasn't sure if he wanted to what did I do? I nagged him and nagged him. He kept saying "I don't know why you care if I go golfing or not?"...bahaha. So, his group of friends got him to the pub where I was throwing the party and the rest is history. There was great friends, food, lots of drinks, decorations, and sticky moustaches for everyone! It was truly a blast and something I know Pat won't soon forget.

Speaking of Pat, he's out of town. He left last Friday and he'll be home Wednesday. This is the first time that Pat has been gone, and keep in mind he used to work out of town for months at a time, that Liv has communicated that she misses him. She has been asking where Daddy is and pretending he is a little polly pocket, carrying him around with her ha. Tonight though, she cried and cried for her was heartbreaking really. We called him up and I let her talk to him so she could hear him tell her he would be home soon, but she told me again at bedtime "I reawy want dada come home soon".

Since Pat left on Friday, Liv and I had a girl's weekend. I wanted to keep her busy because every mom knows how long a day can seem if you sit inside the whole time with your toddler. We got up bright and early on Saturday because there was a "parade of garage sales" in our neighborhood. I was on the hunt for a tricycle and not only did I find that, but we got a picnic table, a cozy coupe, and a tool set all for under $40! Liv threw a little fit because she wanted this playhouse that was very used and marked at $35, so I said no. She talked about it all day a few hours later she said to me "mawbe daddy bring me and git it for me?". I told Pat he's in trouble because she's got his number :).

Like I said, Pat will be home Wednesday. Usually when he is out of town, his return date is wishy washy. This time is different because he has to be home for Thursday because it's my immigration appointment, so I will FINALLY be a permanent resident of Canada! whoop whoop! It's only been about two years in the making and damn it feels good to almost be finished with it.

I'm going to follow up this lengthy post with an absurd amount of pictures :).

Birthday Boy smooth! With Moustaches of course :)

Liv and Jax and Grandma Carolyn's

Jax loves giving auntie the most serious looks.

pretty girl.

A little action shot with her new car.

thrilled with all of her new outdoor stuff.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Lately...The weather has been beautiful here in Calgary and we have been spending a lot of time outside! Liv loves it outside and I love hanging outside with her. We celebrated Mother's Day by sleeping in as a family until 8:15. It was the plan that I would sleep in, but when Liv slept in I couldn't sleep any longer...isn't that how it always pans out though :). We had dinner at Pat's Grandmas house and that was about it. It was nice and laid back, which is how I think it should be.

Liv was sick for about a week and a half. She had a fever on and off and just wasn't feeling well. A week ago, I put her to bed at 7 and when I went to bed I luckily went to check on her. She was covered in puke. She had puked and didn't even wake up...I was 20 feet away from her and I didn't hear her. Naturally, I freaked out. Pat was out of town and my anxiety subconscious started screaming at me that Liv could have choked and suffocated. I put her in the bath and then directly in my bed so I could monitor her. She never threw up again, maybe it was all the cuddles she got!

I have a little compilation of photos over the past few weeks to share. You know, because I'm really good at updating my blog and sharing our lives....

Mother's Day...hanging out her her mini pool.

where are you going liv?

a girl and her hummer ha.

and goodbye!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mental highjack

Well, I received two more emails this morning, informing me that I did not get an interview. I'm slightly confused by these emails because when I apply, I get an email confirming and it states that I will not receive another email unless I'm going to be given an interview....yet lo and behold I have probably opened at least 8 emails that have told me I'm not getting an interview.

I'm going to assume that I at least was in a group that was a step closer to an interview? maybe? who knows...either way, these emails kill me because I get my hopes up when I see the non-generic looking email that I get about 10 times a day from the jobs I've applied to. It makes it all the more disappointing.

So after applying to some more jobs...because hey that is my job, I decided to mentally highjack myself and clean my floors, and dust, and clean the walls, and do laundry, all while listening to music. It did make me feel a little more in control of my life. If you feel like a complete failure, clean your floors, it makes you feel like a whole new woman.

This process is wearing on me. I keep assuring Pat that I will not give up...I know it takes time and I will keep trying, but I will continue to complain about it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've decided that job searching is hell. I like to think of it as the boyfriend that you got all gussied up for, put on your best heels, make-up, and clothing, in hopes of the praise that you CLEARLY deserve...and then you are thoroughly disappointed when he says nothing. You want to ask if you look pretty, but that defeats the purpose doesn't it? Who wants to ask for praise, it's not as sweet if it's not offered freely.

However, I've considered doing just that. Calling every HR office that has dissed me in the last 4 months and say "DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING????". I won't though...because I'm positive that it would ruin any future employment opportunities they might offer to me.

I feel like I've put my best foot forward in my resume and cover letters. I have applied to jobs that I think I'm perfect for, to jobs that I think "meh, I could do that". I'm left questioning if my credentials and achievements that I worked so hard for are less than par. Apparently my outfit I wore for my date wasn't as appealing as I thought....

I will continue to put myself out there, because I am hopeful that someone will see the special in me.

Speaking of special. This completely brightened my day. When Liv plays with her toys, she loves to ask "who got dis for me?". She does it all the time. So, yesterday when she got on her horse riding toy (that is too young for her, but I will hold onto forever), she asked that same question.

Liv: "Who is Shannon"
Me: "She is an Angel"
Liv: "An angel? I yike angels"
Me: "Me too, she's a very special angel"
Liv: "She is my angel"

Yes Liv, she is.

I also have some pictures I took about a week ago, we were playing outside, It was beautiful out and we were practicing our jumping :).