Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've decided that job searching is hell. I like to think of it as the boyfriend that you got all gussied up for, put on your best heels, make-up, and clothing, in hopes of the praise that you CLEARLY deserve...and then you are thoroughly disappointed when he says nothing. You want to ask if you look pretty, but that defeats the purpose doesn't it? Who wants to ask for praise, it's not as sweet if it's not offered freely.

However, I've considered doing just that. Calling every HR office that has dissed me in the last 4 months and say "DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING????". I won't though...because I'm positive that it would ruin any future employment opportunities they might offer to me.

I feel like I've put my best foot forward in my resume and cover letters. I have applied to jobs that I think I'm perfect for, to jobs that I think "meh, I could do that". I'm left questioning if my credentials and achievements that I worked so hard for are less than par. Apparently my outfit I wore for my date wasn't as appealing as I thought....

I will continue to put myself out there, because I am hopeful that someone will see the special in me.

Speaking of special. This completely brightened my day. When Liv plays with her toys, she loves to ask "who got dis for me?". She does it all the time. So, yesterday when she got on her horse riding toy (that is too young for her, but I will hold onto forever), she asked that same question.

Liv: "Who is Shannon"
Me: "She is an Angel"
Liv: "An angel? I yike angels"
Me: "Me too, she's a very special angel"
Liv: "She is my angel"

Yes Liv, she is.

I also have some pictures I took about a week ago, we were playing outside, It was beautiful out and we were practicing our jumping :).


  1. Well thank you for the good cry :)

  2. my thoughts exactly dani! missing you guys and our angel tons! come home soon :)

  3. I know! It was me trying to hide my crying from liv...but it was so nice to say that.