Thursday, January 28, 2010

Auntie Dani

So, I thought I'd write a little post in appreciation to Auntie Dani. My twin sister. She is the greatest and takes all of the beautiful professional pictures of Liv that you see on this blog (and for free!). She also should be a baby stylist because she buys Liv the cutest clothes! I thought about doing this after Dani posted some pictures from our weekend in Marquette. My Mom, Dani, Liv and I went out to dinner and Liv was wearing a new outfit from Dani. Random, but I figured that my sister deserved a big 'ol Thank You for everything she does for us :). So Thank you Auntie Dani and We Love You!

Auntie Dani and Liv
Showin off the new outfit
Oh, and I thought I'd add this for fun :). This is Dani, a.k.a Lady Gaga...Did I mention she is uber talented? Yep. She made this costume... and Disco Stick!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exorcist Baby

EHH. Liv has been sleeping like crap. I took her to the doctor's office on Monday because we have been thinking she has an ear infection, but nothing came of it and the nurse practitioner that we saw said "she's perfect". Its good news, but it doesn't tell us why Liv has been acting a little off. Liv has been up to eat once in the middle of the night, which is unusual...but that isn't even the part that is driving me nuts. She wakes up one or two more times and I put her sucky in her mouth, but its still me waking up and I'm exhausted.

Liv has also been sounding a bit congested, so maybe thats it? The kicker to her nighttime routine happened last night. She woke up at 2:30ish and I went and grabbed a bottle, then she fed herself while I changed her diaper. When she finished I sat her up to see if she needed to burp and she was just leaning forward and then I heard this burp, and I knew what was coming. Thank god I had grabbed a burp cloth because she opened her mouth and out came, I'm not exaggerating, every last ounce that she had just drank. It was disgusting and went EVERYWHERE. If I could describe the furrowed little look she had on her brow while she was puking all over her mom, I would...but its better left up to your imagination. I gagged. That's how bad and how much there was. Of course the minute she was done she was squeeling like it was the most fun she's had in her life. Needless to say, it was a rough night, but I'm trying to be optimistic here so on with the pictures!

Check out that little ponytail!

Bath Time!!

"rubber ducky you're the one..."

Playing with her favorite Christmas toy

Same toy...doesn't she look like such a big girl sitting up and playing?!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm getting old

I woke up at 8:30am this morning...after my big night out on Saturday. I woke up in a panic because I thought I had slept in. Oh no, I was up early. Wayy to early for someone who was out until after 2am. But I had my friend, Kira, drive me back to the hotel and was greeted by a smiling Liv sitting on a bed. She was so happy to see me and I couldn't help but feel a little special.

I had an awesome birthday weekend! We deliberately stayed at a hotel with a pool because we wanted to bring Liv swimming. I could have died when we squeezed Liv's little rolly body into her yellow and white striped bathing suit. Liv's friend, Ari, came over for a swim. They were so adorable. It was cute to see them sit together and try to grab eachother's faces and such.

Liv had a little breakdown on Friday night though. I was at Dani's hanging out with her and my mom called and said there was something wrong with Liv and told me I needed to come back. I could hear Liv screaming her little head off in the background. When I arrived at the hotel, Liv wasn't screaming anymore, but her little forhead was all splotchy from crying (she gets this from me). She had herself so worked up, it was quite pitiful. Apparently she woke up from sleeping, screaming like she was having a nightmare. My mom tried to snap her out of it and ended up walking around and bouncing her. But she got to the point where she wanted me and she wasn't going to give it up. She calmed down when I held her, but I ended up staying with her in case she woke up like that again. Needless to say, I've been thinking she might have an ear infection. Whether or not that had anything to do with her little episode, I dont know, but I'm gonna call Dr. Mackie's office tomorrow morning and try to get her in.

Of course Dani took a bazillion pictures while we were there. I LOVE when she takes pictures of Liv...they always looks so much better than my pictures :). Oh, and before I go and post all these pictures, Liv has a new trick! She has been saying "na na na na" and that was it, well today she snuck in a "d" and it turned into "da da da da"! So I had to let Pat know that his daughter started saying dada, even if she has no idea what it means. I still think it made him feel pretty good.

Grabbing Mike's face...yeah, she does that now.

Swimming with Grandma

Auntie Dani and Liv

Look at those Legs!

Pretty Livi

Kisses for mommy? Not quite.

This is Pat all the way.

She is so serious when she eats!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking out the Window

The last few days I've been playing around with my camera. Dani has tried to explain to me how to use it in other settings besides auto, but I need practice...lots of it. So, I stuck Liv on a chair next to the window to use some "natural light" and started snapping away. Dani informed me today that some seem blurry because I'm focusing on the wrong thing but practice makes perfect right? And blurry or not...Liv is adorable.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

As you can see, we spent the weekend feeding our self a bottle, eating sophie, eating headbands, hanging out with our rolls out, smiling, sitting on our own, and playing! Great weekend :) Next weekend we'll be in Marquette and I can't wait! Mommy is going to be 25.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I caught Liv rolling onto her back! The action starts around the 1:30 minute mark.

When I'm a Supermodel

Move over Gisele! I just stumbled upon these pictures on my mom's camera. I remember taking them because it looked like Liv was posing in a men's magazine. Maybe she has a future in modeling? Probably not if her squeezable little baby rolls are still present, but she's got the pose down nonetheless.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We made it, barely, but we're here so thats all that matters. I don't even want to re-cap how our day went. It was an absolute nightmare...24 hours of a nightmare. So, I'll sum up the experience with some advice: Don't ever take your 20lb child through an airport in a baby bjorn. Bring a stroller. I feel like I've been hiking for two days. It was pure torture. We arrived in Detroit at 12am on tuesday, stayed the night at my aunt's house and then drove back to the Soo in the morning. 30 minutes after we arrived I had to bring Liv to her 4 month appointment. She was such a grouch. Dr. Mackie said "hello" to her and she started crying. She also got 3 shots again. I didn't think it was as bad as the first time, but still, they are no fun. Liv now weighs a whopping 20lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long. I can't remember the size of her noggin' and I didn't ask for percentages. I'm positive she's still sky high in the weight department and a little over average for height. She's a monster.

Liv is super cranky after our travels. I'm guessing its a combination of the time change and the vaccinations she got. She has rolled over twice now from her belly to her back, but with her attitude there was no way I was getting her to do any tricks today. Also, there is no way in hell she is rolling onto her belly...she hates it. So I spent the day with her cranky butt unpacking, doing laundry, and washing a gazillion bottles.

OH and I have good news. I've known for a few weeks and just forgot to update. I passed my thesis class...with an A!! Woohoo! So I now have my Masters in Administration...well not technically. I have to pay $50 to get a final audit and get my diploma. Isn't that depressing? I spent all that money for classes and have to pay another $50 just to prove I actually finished the program. This MSA does nothing for me at the moment seeing I can't look for jobs because Pat and I will be moving after the summer. The waiting game continues. Here are some pics of my monster.

Eating the chair

Come try this mom! Its yummyyy

Mom, Liv, Dad

All the girls and Liv at the game