Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Shower #2

My mom and I got back last night from Marquette...Dani threw me a baby shower there. It was a small one compared to my first shower, but it was really nice because my mom and Dani were able to relax and it was laid back. I had a really good time and I got some really thoughtful gifts. I have to mention the onesies Dani and Angela made for me. I really need to take a picture of them, both sides haha. Dani made me 4 onesies that all had a cute little meaning behind them, but Pat's favorite was the one that said "It's not my diaper that stinks, its the oilers"....and on the butt of the onesie it has the Calgary Flames logo (pat's favorite team)! Angela made one with some colorful flowers on the front and on the back it said NMU with the #15 below it (that is pat's hockey number), and we did both go to NMU. I am so thankful for everything though...she is spoiled already.

We definitley ended up with wayy too much food, but I guess what shower doesn't end up with too much food. We also made an important purchase while we were in Marquette...the baby's stroller! It's a jogging stroller because I want the option to use it when I'm running. We haven't put it together yet, but I'll have to get a picture of it when we do. Dani took a ton of pictures during the shower and while I was opening I'm gonna post some, but definitley not all 90 of them!

Amber and Amara

A really cute gap mini skirt from Jillian

Mike (Dani's boyfriend) got her 2 Detroit onesies ha.

The fruit pizza I made...I was really proud of it hahaha.

Krysta and our bellies
One more...btw, this is me at 35 weeks and 3 days

One of the four onesies Dani made...its a picture of Lily!! and underneath it says "Guard Dog"! hahah yeah I loved it.

My mom, me and Dani

Thursday, June 25, 2009

35 weeks and 1 day

I thought I would do a quick update after my doctor's appointment and before we head out to Marquette tonight. I had just another routine doctor's visit. The highlight of the appointment was when I stepped on the scale and didn't gain any weight (this hasn't happened often)! So I was happy, I'm right where I want to be and hope to stay under my goal. Dr. Mackie was very happy that next week I'll be 36 weeks along because War Memorial Hospital does not have neonatal unit, so if a woman goes into labor before 36 weeks they don't like to deliver here in case of any problems. So that is reassuring. We also talked about the chances of having a C-section and the difference in an emergency and routine one. Other than that, the baby is still head down and ready to go. I am getting ahead in my classes and hope to be finished with everything that I can by the end of next week. I would really appreciate if my baby could wait to come until Pat gets here though. That would be a stress in my life I don't need haha. Anyways, everyone have a good weekend and I will update after the baby shower!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Shower #1

Ok...I have my baby shower pics! I was happy to get them so that I could do this post before my next baby shower this weekend. I had my first baby shower two weeks ago. It was a really nice day and kind of a bummer to be stuck inside. We had it in the basement of my grandma's church. My mom and grandma had everything planned out for the shower, including decorations and food. A lot of people brought a dish and we had a ton of food, it was soooo good. I definitley ate enough for the baby to gain a few ounces ha. We showed up at 12:00 to set up, and were finished by 1:00...the shower didn't start until 2:00. So we sat around for awhile and relaxed. It was a huge success though. Lots of friends and family came and I think we all had a good time. I got a lot of great gifts that I'm very thankful for. I feel a lot more prepared now haha. So for everyone that reads this blog and was there, thank you!! Here are some pictures from the shower...there are quite a few.

Dani and I...thank you for all your help.

Ashley, Tiff, Me, Dani, Jocey, Shannon, and Tara...all long-time friends of mine.

The grandma and aunt got this for me. It's like a bassinett, sort of, it's supposed to be "womb-like" and comfort babies. We will see...all I have to say is she better like this little contraption.

The Tea Time Exer-Saucer Dani got for her's so cute, it has a little cake on it!! ha.

Opening mom and little helper, Sydney, in the background.

Ummmm Dani, you forgot to photoshop my double chinnnnnnn!

One of the many cute outfits...and Sydney:)

Our table at the shower

The diaper cake my mom made

The table settings that my mom also put together.

34 weeks and 6 days

I am still waiting on the pictures from my first baby shower, so I thought I would do a post in between. Its been beautiful in the UP, so I have been waking up early to do homework and then lying out on our deck in the afternoon for awhile. Its nice not to be "casper", as pat would call me, anymore. Last weekend my sister and her boyfriend, Mike, picked me up and we drove down to Charlotte, MI, for my friend, Katie's, wedding. Katie looked beautiful, and I had a lot of fun seeing friends that I haven't seen in months.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. It will be my 35 week appointment. One more week until I'm considered full term...eek! She needs to wait until my classes are over though ahah. I'm trying to finish them up in the next 2 weeks so that I'm not cutting it so close. I have signed up for a childbirth class...but I called too late for the June classes, I missed the first class so they wouldn't let me sign up for that. I did sign up for the July class, but it doesn't start until July 7th and is a 4 week class, so once again I'm cutting it close...I'm clearly a procrastinator. However, I am on the waiting list for a one day childbirth class in hopefully that pans out for us, and Pat would be able to make it and not have to worry about missing any classes.

My mom and I are heading to Marquette on Thursday night. My sister is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday with all of my friends from Marquette :). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

My brother threw lily in the I snapped a quick picture :)
The photographer and me

Kira and I
Mandi and I...I made it the whole night at the reception. Haha, I was proud of myself!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Post

I just wanted to post a quick update because I am waiting on pictures from the baby shower before I do my next post. Dani says she will have them for me in a few days because she is editing a wedding...its the most wonderful thing in the world to have a photographer for a sister who can do wonders with photoshop ;). I will let everyone know how the baby shower went soon...and btw, Pat and I have decided that for the name "Charlie", if that is the name we choose...we are going to spell it Charli and drop the 'e'. I don't know if it makes a difference in opinion, but it might haha.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

33 Weeks

One more week down! I had a Doctor's appointment today, which was the same old same old. I got weighed, blood pressure taken, talked to the doctor, listened to my baby's heartbeat, and scheduled an appointment for two weeks from now. Pretty boring, but thats a good thing right? I got back to the gym this week! I had taken 2 weeks off while I was working and had my classes to work on. It would be so easy to just convince myself that I don't need to go. BUT I need to go so that I am not completely out of shape when the baby is born and can "bounce back", because it's that simple I'm sure... What I'm really looking forward to is my first baby shower this Sunday! I'm excited to see everyone and start feeling like i'm not totally unprepared for when the baby comes. If you know my mom, this won't surprise you, she comes up with a new idea every day. I just let her go with it, I'll show up and she can tell me what to do haha.

Other than that...Pat and I have narrowed our list of names down to 3. I'm going to list them on here for everyone to see. You can let me know what you think, be honest. (remember, her middle name is Carolyn. I think they all blend nicely with Carolyn, but I could be wrong haha).

1.) Aida
2.) Leni
3.) Charlie

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who will she look like?

I'm really getting anxious to see what my baby is going to look like...and I have a pictures of both Pat and I from in the hospital. So, I thought I would post them side by side and see what everyone thinks :). All I know is that she is going to have blue eyes and she'll definitley have a 5-head haha!

Monday, June 1, 2009

31 weeks and 5 days

Two more days until I'm 8 months along...and I don't know how anybody else feels when they're pregnant, but I never thought that day would come haha. I had a doctor's appointment last week, and it was pretty routine. The only things I really found out was that the doctor thinks the baby is head down and now I start going to see him every two weeks. I think that going every two weeks will make the next two months fly by! I only have one more week of work left...and I feel like I just started, and really I did just start. Oh well. I did finally get all of my registering finished, thank god. It only took me about a month haha. I have my first shower in two weeks, so I'm looking forward seeing everyone for that. Dani is throwing me one at the end of the month in Marquette for some friends. I'm excited to have something to do in my near future...haha it gets a little boring being pregnant :).

Thats all I have to update on for now, but here are some "almost" 8 months pictures.

Lily has been missing in the past few photo we had to include her this time.

The "nursery" mom added on to the curtain :)