Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Shower #1

Ok...I have my baby shower pics! I was happy to get them so that I could do this post before my next baby shower this weekend. I had my first baby shower two weeks ago. It was a really nice day and kind of a bummer to be stuck inside. We had it in the basement of my grandma's church. My mom and grandma had everything planned out for the shower, including decorations and food. A lot of people brought a dish and we had a ton of food, it was soooo good. I definitley ate enough for the baby to gain a few ounces ha. We showed up at 12:00 to set up, and were finished by 1:00...the shower didn't start until 2:00. So we sat around for awhile and relaxed. It was a huge success though. Lots of friends and family came and I think we all had a good time. I got a lot of great gifts that I'm very thankful for. I feel a lot more prepared now haha. So for everyone that reads this blog and was there, thank you!! Here are some pictures from the shower...there are quite a few.

Dani and I...thank you for all your help.

Ashley, Tiff, Me, Dani, Jocey, Shannon, and Tara...all long-time friends of mine.

The Amby...my grandma and aunt got this for me. It's like a bassinett, sort of, it's supposed to be "womb-like" and comfort babies. We will see...all I have to say is she better like this little contraption.

The Tea Time Exer-Saucer Dani got for her niece...it's so cute, it has a little cake on it!! ha.

Opening gifts...my mom and little helper, Sydney, in the background.

Ummmm Dani, you forgot to photoshop my double chinnnnnnn!

One of the many cute outfits...and Sydney:)

Our table at the shower

The diaper cake my mom made

The table settings that my mom also put together.

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