Monday, June 1, 2009

31 weeks and 5 days

Two more days until I'm 8 months along...and I don't know how anybody else feels when they're pregnant, but I never thought that day would come haha. I had a doctor's appointment last week, and it was pretty routine. The only things I really found out was that the doctor thinks the baby is head down and now I start going to see him every two weeks. I think that going every two weeks will make the next two months fly by! I only have one more week of work left...and I feel like I just started, and really I did just start. Oh well. I did finally get all of my registering finished, thank god. It only took me about a month haha. I have my first shower in two weeks, so I'm looking forward seeing everyone for that. Dani is throwing me one at the end of the month in Marquette for some friends. I'm excited to have something to do in my near future...haha it gets a little boring being pregnant :).

Thats all I have to update on for now, but here are some "almost" 8 months pictures.

Lily has been missing in the past few photo we had to include her this time.

The "nursery" mom added on to the curtain :)

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