Wednesday, June 10, 2009

33 Weeks

One more week down! I had a Doctor's appointment today, which was the same old same old. I got weighed, blood pressure taken, talked to the doctor, listened to my baby's heartbeat, and scheduled an appointment for two weeks from now. Pretty boring, but thats a good thing right? I got back to the gym this week! I had taken 2 weeks off while I was working and had my classes to work on. It would be so easy to just convince myself that I don't need to go. BUT I need to go so that I am not completely out of shape when the baby is born and can "bounce back", because it's that simple I'm sure... What I'm really looking forward to is my first baby shower this Sunday! I'm excited to see everyone and start feeling like i'm not totally unprepared for when the baby comes. If you know my mom, this won't surprise you, she comes up with a new idea every day. I just let her go with it, I'll show up and she can tell me what to do haha.

Other than that...Pat and I have narrowed our list of names down to 3. I'm going to list them on here for everyone to see. You can let me know what you think, be honest. (remember, her middle name is Carolyn. I think they all blend nicely with Carolyn, but I could be wrong haha).

1.) Aida
2.) Leni
3.) Charlie

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