Monday, May 31, 2010

catching up

I have lots of pictures to update with. I have taken a majority of them with my cell phone because Dani borrowed my camera for her trip to Vegas. YA my sister is in Vegas and Pat is in Paris right just isn't fair. So...the pictures aren't that great, but they are what they are, and if Liv is in them then they are cute no matter what, right? right. :)

My little brother graduated high school yesterday! So that is what we did. It was about 87 degrees out and no air conditioning in the gym where the ceremony was. It was pure torture. Liv did not want to sit still, I was sweating to death, and everything we gave her to entertain herself she dropped under the bleachers. Needless to say, it was exhausting and I had to go underneath the bleachers to pick up all of our goodies.

Liv loves the water. We discovered this the other day, but it was confirmed yesterday. My friend Shannon called me when I was driving home from all of our graduation festivities. She was at her boyfriends parent's house. They live on the water and I stopped there because it was sooo hot yesterday and Liv needed to cool off. I stripped her down to her birthday suit and she just walked around and she kept bending down and splashing and then she'd stand up and laugh or suck in her breath really fast (one of the new things she does). I can't wait to spend a lot of time at the water with her this summer! Now, if only she'd stop trying to taste the sand.

I didn't change her into her suit right away because I wasn't sure it was warm enough or if we would stay. But after walking down to the water, Liv was definitely having too much fun to I let her get her dress wet.

Bending down to feel the water.

Having a snack after her afternoon at the beach :)

mmmmm Liv loves blueberry muffin (recipe to come soon :)

Thirsty after all that time in the sun.

Liv and Lily playing out in the yard

walking around :)

Liv is always bending down like this...its kind of hilarious because she gets sooo low that it looks like she's actually sitting down.

wanting to get her hands on the pretty flowers

I can't get over the amazes me every day

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did anybody see that?

So yeah, its 3am and I need to blog about this because I think its funny and I'm not quite ready to go to bed yet. Tonight I worked at the bar and at the very end of the night after doing all my cleaning, I walked to the back office to grab my purse and jacket. My faux crocs were obviously more slimey than I thought because when I got to the office and saw that it was locked, I turned around...maybe too quickly, rolled my ankle and seriously wiped out. It was dark, I was the only one around and I just stayed there on the ground for a few minutes because I couldn't believe what just happened. There I was, sprawled on the dirty ground laughing out loud because how did that just happen and how lucky was I that nobody saw?! Someone would have died laughing, so instead of them it was me...looking like a weirdo, laughing at myself as I walked back to get someone to unlock the office. Oy, it was a long night.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fake weekend

I have tomorrow off. Its kind of a tease because I have to work on Friday afternoon then drive to MQT and work Friday night too, bleh. However, and I know I've mentioned this way too many times but I'm bragging...its been gorgeousss here, so Liv and I are making an appearance at the beach tomorrow. I promise I will take lots of pictures of the event.

While we are beaching it in the U.P., Pat is touring Europe. Yep. I'm jealous too. He has a week off before his last semester starts, so Pat and a handful of his friends started out in Barcelona and are now in France. Their next stops are Rome and then Paris. Seriously! I haven't mentioned it yet, because I'm that envious. When he called me yesterday to tell me about his day on the beach in FRANCE and how his ears were so burnt he thought they had third degree burns on them I was maybe smiling inside. I know I'm spiteful, but hey, I want a tour across Europe!

I'll leave you with a picture I took last week when Liv was all hopped up on Benadryl and Amoxicillian. She kept waking up and fussing so I put her in bed with me to fall asleep. She kept sitting up and then she'd sway a little bit and flop over...this was one of the times she flopped over. I kept waiting for her to wake up, but when she didn't I snapped a quick picture with my blackberry. She ended up sleeping like this for a good 20 minutes before I moved her back to her crib. There isn't many times that my crazy girl cuddles with me so I relished in it :).

a little blurry but too cute not to share

Monday, May 24, 2010

3 weeks

We have measley weeks left until we are reunited with Pat, and in the grand scheme of things its not that long. However, I am obsessively checking and re-checking the calendar on my desk at work. I'm just hoping these three weeks fly by. Its odd to think that Pat and I will be in the same time zone again. Its been almost 6 months since we've seen him. The last time he saw Liv she couldn't even sit up by she's "destructo", as I like to refer to her. I mean he sees her on skype, so he knows she's a maniac, but I can't wait for him to get to see her personality and get to know her again :)

Speaking of my little maniac...she had a rough week. She is definitley doing better. One of her top teeth broke through and the other one is right behind it, so she's still in pain, but in better spirits. She has been extra clingy lately since I've been leaving for the weekend to work. She doesn't want to let her mom out of her sight. It makes me feel guilty, but only one more weekend left.

It has been absolutely beautiful here. It was around 85 degrees today and its supposed to be like that all week! I'm looking forward to my day of on Thursday because I'm going to try to get a lot done and then Liv and I are heading to the beach! I bought her some sand stuff yesterday and I'm looking forward to seeing how she likes it.

I promise I'll be better at blogging this week...and to prove it, I have some pictures.

This pictures cracks me looks like she's pushing a little shopping cart or something ha

I tried to get a picture of her standing in her pretty outfit and this is what I got. She came walking for me with her mischevious face on.

chewin' on her blankie

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm here I'm here

I've been really slacking...I know I know. Liv has been sick (ear infection and watery eyes and runny nose) and teething and combined with working during the week, lack of sleep, and driving to work on the weekends, I'm exhausted! I'm once again making my trek to MQT this weekend. I leave after work and Liv is spending the weekend with her grandma. I feel guilty leaving her, but to be honest, I don't have the energy to work until 3am and then get up at 6am with her. Its just too much.

The beautiful weather is supposed to keep up, so I'm hoping to catch some rays on the beach Saturday! I also have a hair appointment, and most likely I'll chicken out and just get it trimmed, but either way...its long over-due.

The time is coming near for us to head to Calgary. In just 3 short weeks we'll be reunited with Pat and the rest of the Bateman clan :). Its hard to believe thats it...this year has been painfully long and I might be in denial about it actually being here. Hopefully within the next few weeks we'll have an answer to the question of where we will be living next year. As of right now, the options are Calgary, Alberta or Belfast, Northern Ireland. Quite the interesting pair of options no?

Monday, May 17, 2010

dress weather

I'm not really in the blogging mood lately, but its been really nice out and I have some pictures of Liv hanging out outside.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Recipe: Butternut Squash Pasta

I don't remember where I saw this recipe, but If I had to guess I would say the Rachel Ray Show because I watched all 6 months of my maternity leave (unemployment). Its actually really good...I would eat it with a little more spices added. It was easy but could be easier if you're not as retarded as I am when it comes to cutting up squash. I made it way harder than I had to I think. Anyways. Here goes.

-1 butternut squash
- mini pasta
-cream cheese
-I also used some water and olive oil, which are not pictured

yep thats it.
Step 1: This step is really up to your own discretion, but I halved my squash to clean it out.

Step 2: This is how I went about cutting my squash...its not exactly the brightest way, I can admit that now. I went about it as a cantaloupe, thinking I'd be able to easily slice out the inside, yep...didn't happen. So...if you have an easier way, do that, and better yet, if your grocery store sells pre-cubed butternut squash, buy it.

Step 3: I added olive oil and water to my pot and then dropped in my squash cubes. It was reminiscent of making pureed baby food minus the olive oil.

Step 4: I actually did this at the same time as Step 3, which is why my pasta was a little over-cooked. Anyways, I've cooked mini pasta 3 times now and every time has amazed me. These little pastas suck up so much water, they are basically like rice. I set them aside after they are done and walk back over 5 minutes later to see that there is no more excess water left!

This is just a picture to see how your squash should be progressing....

Step 5: Use a potato masher once the squash is cooked to smooth out the "sauce"

Step 6: Add cream cheese. I used 3 little blobs. No measurements, just as much as I wanted...I didn't want to add too much. I figured if I wasn't happy with it I could add more.

Step 7: Add the mini pasta. This is what it looked like as a finished product.

Liv's Rating: Liv loves pasta and this recipe makes me happy because I feel like its healthier than just regular old pasta. Not the best picture, but I promise she liked it. She ate it for dinner tonight. I added a little ricotta cheese to it before I served it.

Etsy Model

I think I mentioned our four generation pictures that we had done. If you missed it, we had our pictures done here. They did an awesome job and if you're in the U.P. I would recommend them to you. They are so fast and fussy babies. They are also really nice and one of them is a friend of mine :).

Anyways, back to the main point of my post. Liv was super happy that day, it may have been all the attention and fact that she is so used to a camera in her face. Either way, they asked if it was alright if they took some pictures of Liv with some goodies that an etsy seller had sent them in exchange for photos of babies modeling it (great idea hey?). I just got the link to one of the things Liv modeled :). I'm quite the proud mama right now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some new tricks

I finallyyyy got Liv walking on video. She is so brave nowadays. As you will see, she is easily coaxed into letting go of whatever she's holding onto and taking a few steps towards what she wants. We have caught her doing this all by herself too...usually towards something she's not supposed to have. You will aslo see my favorite new trick of Liv's, saying 'mama'. And giving her big slobbery kisses! Enjoy :).

Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day and weekend recap

Are weekend started with strategically planning our trip up to Marquette so that Liv would be napping for a good chunk of the ride. I have the drive to Marquette broken up into thirds...I did go to University there and have made more trips back and forth than I can count. This is how the trip goes: 1.) An hour to Newberry 2.) An hour to Munising 3.) 45 minutes from Munising to Marquette. This is how I see it in my mind as I'm driving and passing through each spot.

I had coffee in the morning because I woke up at 6:30am in order to get showered and ready before my mom left for work. I got myself ready, bathed Liv, fed her breakfast, finished packing, packed up the car with more stuff than one person should have to carry, got Liv dressed and fed her a bottle...all before 9am. So I'm driving and I'm tired...and thirsty, because despite all the coffee I inhaled I failed to drink any water. Oh btw, my chihua is in the car with us and she barks at EVERYTHING. She especially likes to bark if I go through a drive-through. But all I can think about is getting a large pop at mcdonalds (side note: if you have a baby and haven't discovered that mcdonalds drinks are $1 any size, you beats hauling a baby into a gas station to get a stupid drink). I thought the risk was worth it because I was obsessing about getting a drink at this point. And as predicted, Lily barked, Liv woke up and the rest is history. That was one of the best tasting cokes I've ever had though :).

Despite being woken up from her nap, Liv was pretty dang well behaved...She slept a little more and when she did get fussy, we stopped in Munising had a diaper change and re-stocked her toys that she dropped while in her carseat. It was a busy weekend and I'm tired. I'm not sure I can do it two weekends in a row. Its crazy how dependent we are on "our" space. Auntie Dani's apartment is anything but baby proofed, so Liv was all over the place and we were both exhausted. I worked until 3am both nights to top it off. Saturday morning Dani watched Liv for me (which was amazing, thanks Dani!). Sunday we woke up at 6:40, got ready and left in order to make it to Mother's Day brunch with the family. Liv and I were both tired and grumpy by the time we got home. But I got my Mother's Day present that I asked for...a nap!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 month pictures

I didn't have any "9 month" pictures to add to my post a few days ago. I have been in a slump this week and slacking. I need this month to go by a little faster, so that it can be the month that Pat is finished. I find myself being more and more impatient and I know that its annoying but I can't help myself. Eh. I'm trying to not complain about my situation, so I'll move on. We are heading back to Marquette tomorrow. I'm bringing Liv with me this time. So send us positive thoughts...because this could get interesting. Dani is going to help me out though so my goal for the end of the weekend is to not need to have an IV of coffee attached to me to make it home.

Some exciting news in my not so exciting post...I finally bought Liv a "highchair". Actually its not a highchair at all, but same purpose. If you saw my last post and the contraption Liv was sitting in, its called a "sassy seat" and belonged to my now 17 year old brother. Ya, its that old and it kind of scares me. So, I looked on Amazon and found this Chicco Hook-on Chair and this adorable placemat to go with it. I have been go and back and forth about buying a highchair for awhile because Pat and I don't know where we will be next year. I think this is the perfect compromise because I can easily pack it up and bring it wherever we go.

Now for the actual exciting news.....Liv started saying "ma ma ma ma". Now, I'm not claiming she is calling me mama, but the sound is there! It is like music to my ears!! I have just been waiting, enough of this dada shit, bring on the mamas!

Liv's little red ball...kind of looks like she's doing some ab exercises (thats the personal trainer in me ha).

pretty pink bow.


showing off her treasure

heyyyyy momm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wednesday Recipe: Apple & Naner Baby Pancakes

I'm starting something new...I'm going to try to post one of my baby recipes that I made and Liv liked, or something I made up myself, every Wednesday. We will see how this goes, I may skip a week once in awhile, but who is going to reallyy care right? K, here goes.

What you'll need:
-pancake mix ( I used Hungry Jack Wheat Blends)
-unsweetened applesauce
-one banana

I always have pre-made formula in the refrigerator, but you could easily use water or make a little bit if need be.

Step 1: Add the dry ingredients, in my case 1 cup of pancake mix. The directions said to add 3/4 a cup of water, but I used formula instead. I didn't measure, I just added enough to make the batter into the consistency that I wanted. Next, I added the applesauce, about half a cup, and mashed up a banana and added that. I chose to mash the banana up because it went throughout the whole batter and Liv loves bananas.

Step 2: Put the batter into a heated skillet. I had melted butter on the pan. Then I waited...for the pancakes to bubble (my grandpa told me thats the key to making pancakes :)).

Step 3: Give baby some naners to snack on so she waits patiently...

Step 4: Flip pancakes.

Step 5: Cut and enjoy :) I dunno if anybody used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8, when it was good and they weren't all weird, but I learned on that show that using a pizza cutter is quite brilliant, so thats what I did.

Liv's Rating: LOVED them. She has had pancakes before, but not with the bananas, and this really made all the difference. I tried them and they were very banana tasting, which isn't really for me, but obviously Liv was all about in point: the picture directly below.

Monday, May 3, 2010

9 months

Liv turned 9 months on Sunday. I haven't taken suitable "9 month pictures" of her because this girl is on the mooooove. She doesn't want to sit there and smile like she used to. Its definitley a chore that ends with me covered in sweat. Thats been the biggest change in the last month. Liv is into everything...absolutely everything, nothing and nobody are safe from hurricane Liv. She has mastered crawling and crawls to something, pulls herself up, and proceeds to give her mother a coronary. I am betting that she will be walking by 10 months.

She has 3 commands that she knows (i know i know, its like I train my dog, however I have the worst dog in the world, she won't come when called but you can bet she can sit, roll over, shake, and play dead!). I am off topic, but the point being, I like teaching tricks. She can patty cake (clap), give kisses, and wave on command. Thats about all she knows. She loves to chat, but nothing particular. Its kind of funny when Lily barks (which is all the time) and if you have ever been to my house I spend at least an hour of wasted time a day yelling at her...but when I yell, Liv yells. Who knows what she's yelling, but she feels as though she needs to contribute to the noise.

Food wise Liv is eating more chunks and finger foods. I still haven't gone through all of her purees that I made, so I just add chunks to them and it seems to work out pretty well. Some of Liv's favorite foods are pasta, yogurt, bananas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal with blueberries or apples and cinnamon, and chik'n patties (vegetarian patties). She likes most everything, but those, off the top of my head, are her favorites and I always know she'll eat them with a lot of enthusiasm. I just bought her a "self-feeding" spoon. Its quite weird looking, but Liv is trying it out so I guess we're on the way to her feeding herself (although this won't be happening anytime soon).

Liv is definitley a handful. I was reading her an "Olivia" book that we got from our friend Angela, and it was kind of ironic how similar this little piggy and Liv are. In the end Olivia's mother says "You know, you really wear me out. But I love you anyway", and that is exactly how I feel! She wears me out every day, but its fun and Liv is so happy and full of personality... its nice to see that. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

Her fav activity...she likes it even more if the remote is somewhere near...

Had to take a picture of the shoes, that I got at a consignment shop, for $5, woo!

Time out...gotta get this dolphin in my mouth

learned how to bend the knees :)

crawling away from mom and into trouble

happy girl

straight outta the bathtub

trying to reach something i'm sure