Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day and weekend recap

Are weekend started with strategically planning our trip up to Marquette so that Liv would be napping for a good chunk of the ride. I have the drive to Marquette broken up into thirds...I did go to University there and have made more trips back and forth than I can count. This is how the trip goes: 1.) An hour to Newberry 2.) An hour to Munising 3.) 45 minutes from Munising to Marquette. This is how I see it in my mind as I'm driving and passing through each spot.

I had coffee in the morning because I woke up at 6:30am in order to get showered and ready before my mom left for work. I got myself ready, bathed Liv, fed her breakfast, finished packing, packed up the car with more stuff than one person should have to carry, got Liv dressed and fed her a bottle...all before 9am. So I'm driving and I'm tired...and thirsty, because despite all the coffee I inhaled I failed to drink any water. Oh btw, my chihua is in the car with us and she barks at EVERYTHING. She especially likes to bark if I go through a drive-through. But all I can think about is getting a large pop at mcdonalds (side note: if you have a baby and haven't discovered that mcdonalds drinks are $1 any size, you beats hauling a baby into a gas station to get a stupid drink). I thought the risk was worth it because I was obsessing about getting a drink at this point. And as predicted, Lily barked, Liv woke up and the rest is history. That was one of the best tasting cokes I've ever had though :).

Despite being woken up from her nap, Liv was pretty dang well behaved...She slept a little more and when she did get fussy, we stopped in Munising had a diaper change and re-stocked her toys that she dropped while in her carseat. It was a busy weekend and I'm tired. I'm not sure I can do it two weekends in a row. Its crazy how dependent we are on "our" space. Auntie Dani's apartment is anything but baby proofed, so Liv was all over the place and we were both exhausted. I worked until 3am both nights to top it off. Saturday morning Dani watched Liv for me (which was amazing, thanks Dani!). Sunday we woke up at 6:40, got ready and left in order to make it to Mother's Day brunch with the family. Liv and I were both tired and grumpy by the time we got home. But I got my Mother's Day present that I asked for...a nap!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and weekend!

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  1. I was laughing at thinking about your little dog barking at everything. So vicious! :) Glad you had a good trip.