Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Recipe: Butternut Squash Pasta

I don't remember where I saw this recipe, but If I had to guess I would say the Rachel Ray Show because I watched all 6 months of my maternity leave (unemployment). Its actually really good...I would eat it with a little more spices added. It was easy but could be easier if you're not as retarded as I am when it comes to cutting up squash. I made it way harder than I had to I think. Anyways. Here goes.

-1 butternut squash
- mini pasta
-cream cheese
-I also used some water and olive oil, which are not pictured

yep thats it.
Step 1: This step is really up to your own discretion, but I halved my squash to clean it out.

Step 2: This is how I went about cutting my squash...its not exactly the brightest way, I can admit that now. I went about it as a cantaloupe, thinking I'd be able to easily slice out the inside, yep...didn't happen. So...if you have an easier way, do that, and better yet, if your grocery store sells pre-cubed butternut squash, buy it.

Step 3: I added olive oil and water to my pot and then dropped in my squash cubes. It was reminiscent of making pureed baby food minus the olive oil.

Step 4: I actually did this at the same time as Step 3, which is why my pasta was a little over-cooked. Anyways, I've cooked mini pasta 3 times now and every time has amazed me. These little pastas suck up so much water, they are basically like rice. I set them aside after they are done and walk back over 5 minutes later to see that there is no more excess water left!

This is just a picture to see how your squash should be progressing....

Step 5: Use a potato masher once the squash is cooked to smooth out the "sauce"

Step 6: Add cream cheese. I used 3 little blobs. No measurements, just as much as I wanted...I didn't want to add too much. I figured if I wasn't happy with it I could add more.

Step 7: Add the mini pasta. This is what it looked like as a finished product.

Liv's Rating: Liv loves pasta and this recipe makes me happy because I feel like its healthier than just regular old pasta. Not the best picture, but I promise she liked it. She ate it for dinner tonight. I added a little ricotta cheese to it before I served it.


  1. I am loving your new blog design! It looks awesome. Butternut squash is delicious, but I've never cooked with it because it looks like a bitch to peel and cut.

  2. hahah it is! I have seen it pre-cubed, but I live in a small town and the selection isn't that great :(