Monday, May 24, 2010

3 weeks

We have measley weeks left until we are reunited with Pat, and in the grand scheme of things its not that long. However, I am obsessively checking and re-checking the calendar on my desk at work. I'm just hoping these three weeks fly by. Its odd to think that Pat and I will be in the same time zone again. Its been almost 6 months since we've seen him. The last time he saw Liv she couldn't even sit up by she's "destructo", as I like to refer to her. I mean he sees her on skype, so he knows she's a maniac, but I can't wait for him to get to see her personality and get to know her again :)

Speaking of my little maniac...she had a rough week. She is definitley doing better. One of her top teeth broke through and the other one is right behind it, so she's still in pain, but in better spirits. She has been extra clingy lately since I've been leaving for the weekend to work. She doesn't want to let her mom out of her sight. It makes me feel guilty, but only one more weekend left.

It has been absolutely beautiful here. It was around 85 degrees today and its supposed to be like that all week! I'm looking forward to my day of on Thursday because I'm going to try to get a lot done and then Liv and I are heading to the beach! I bought her some sand stuff yesterday and I'm looking forward to seeing how she likes it.

I promise I'll be better at blogging this week...and to prove it, I have some pictures.

This pictures cracks me looks like she's pushing a little shopping cart or something ha

I tried to get a picture of her standing in her pretty outfit and this is what I got. She came walking for me with her mischevious face on.

chewin' on her blankie

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  1. Hey girl I'd love to feature you on my "Helping the Little Guy" project, when you get a chance send me your e-mail, I didn't see it linked in your profile.