Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 month pictures

I didn't have any "9 month" pictures to add to my post a few days ago. I have been in a slump this week and slacking. I need this month to go by a little faster, so that it can be the month that Pat is finished. I find myself being more and more impatient and I know that its annoying but I can't help myself. Eh. I'm trying to not complain about my situation, so I'll move on. We are heading back to Marquette tomorrow. I'm bringing Liv with me this time. So send us positive thoughts...because this could get interesting. Dani is going to help me out though so my goal for the end of the weekend is to not need to have an IV of coffee attached to me to make it home.

Some exciting news in my not so exciting post...I finally bought Liv a "highchair". Actually its not a highchair at all, but same purpose. If you saw my last post and the contraption Liv was sitting in, its called a "sassy seat" and belonged to my now 17 year old brother. Ya, its that old and it kind of scares me. So, I looked on Amazon and found this Chicco Hook-on Chair and this adorable placemat to go with it. I have been go and back and forth about buying a highchair for awhile because Pat and I don't know where we will be next year. I think this is the perfect compromise because I can easily pack it up and bring it wherever we go.

Now for the actual exciting news.....Liv started saying "ma ma ma ma". Now, I'm not claiming she is calling me mama, but the sound is there! It is like music to my ears!! I have just been waiting, enough of this dada shit, bring on the mamas!

Liv's little red ball...kind of looks like she's doing some ab exercises (thats the personal trainer in me ha).

pretty pink bow.


showing off her treasure

heyyyyy momm


  1. you got a mama at 9 months!?!! wow!! Addie just started kinda saying nana, mana, nama, and I am taking that and running with it!! anytime I hear a "Nama" I am like "here I am baby, your NAma. LOL!

    Yay Liv!

  2. hahahah awwww! well, its not directed at me...but we're trying. She just likes to cruise around saying it :).

  3. I know I always say this - but she is too cute! The ball is hysterical because she really does look like she's exercising.

    And Happy Mother's Day. :) Hope it was wonderful.