Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wednesday Recipe: Apple & Naner Baby Pancakes

I'm starting something new...I'm going to try to post one of my baby recipes that I made and Liv liked, or something I made up myself, every Wednesday. We will see how this goes, I may skip a week once in awhile, but who is going to reallyy care right? K, here goes.

What you'll need:
-pancake mix ( I used Hungry Jack Wheat Blends)
-unsweetened applesauce
-one banana

I always have pre-made formula in the refrigerator, but you could easily use water or make a little bit if need be.

Step 1: Add the dry ingredients, in my case 1 cup of pancake mix. The directions said to add 3/4 a cup of water, but I used formula instead. I didn't measure, I just added enough to make the batter into the consistency that I wanted. Next, I added the applesauce, about half a cup, and mashed up a banana and added that. I chose to mash the banana up because it went throughout the whole batter and Liv loves bananas.

Step 2: Put the batter into a heated skillet. I had melted butter on the pan. Then I waited...for the pancakes to bubble (my grandpa told me thats the key to making pancakes :)).

Step 3: Give baby some naners to snack on so she waits patiently...

Step 4: Flip pancakes.

Step 5: Cut and enjoy :) I dunno if anybody used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8, when it was good and they weren't all weird, but I learned on that show that using a pizza cutter is quite brilliant, so thats what I did.

Liv's Rating: LOVED them. She has had pancakes before, but not with the bananas, and this really made all the difference. I tried them and they were very banana tasting, which isn't really for me, but obviously Liv was all about it...case in point: the picture directly below.


  1. Oh my goodness loook at those blue eyes! That recipe is such a great ide...you're so domestic :)

  2. she looks so cute eating those!! I love banana pancakes, hubby and I add pecans and it tastes like banana bread. so yummy. Thanks for the recipe! Addie loves pancakes, but I havent done banana yet!