Monday, May 31, 2010

catching up

I have lots of pictures to update with. I have taken a majority of them with my cell phone because Dani borrowed my camera for her trip to Vegas. YA my sister is in Vegas and Pat is in Paris right just isn't fair. So...the pictures aren't that great, but they are what they are, and if Liv is in them then they are cute no matter what, right? right. :)

My little brother graduated high school yesterday! So that is what we did. It was about 87 degrees out and no air conditioning in the gym where the ceremony was. It was pure torture. Liv did not want to sit still, I was sweating to death, and everything we gave her to entertain herself she dropped under the bleachers. Needless to say, it was exhausting and I had to go underneath the bleachers to pick up all of our goodies.

Liv loves the water. We discovered this the other day, but it was confirmed yesterday. My friend Shannon called me when I was driving home from all of our graduation festivities. She was at her boyfriends parent's house. They live on the water and I stopped there because it was sooo hot yesterday and Liv needed to cool off. I stripped her down to her birthday suit and she just walked around and she kept bending down and splashing and then she'd stand up and laugh or suck in her breath really fast (one of the new things she does). I can't wait to spend a lot of time at the water with her this summer! Now, if only she'd stop trying to taste the sand.

I didn't change her into her suit right away because I wasn't sure it was warm enough or if we would stay. But after walking down to the water, Liv was definitely having too much fun to I let her get her dress wet.

Bending down to feel the water.

Having a snack after her afternoon at the beach :)

mmmmm Liv loves blueberry muffin (recipe to come soon :)

Thirsty after all that time in the sun.

Liv and Lily playing out in the yard

walking around :)

Liv is always bending down like this...its kind of hilarious because she gets sooo low that it looks like she's actually sitting down.

wanting to get her hands on the pretty flowers

I can't get over the amazes me every day

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