Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sicky, guilt, oh and an engagement!!

Liv has had a struggle lately. She's on the mend, but still isn't 100%. Her mucous-y sickness has been passed along to me and we've both been a little miserable. Add her sickness to starting daycare and I have one clingy kiddo. She's been crying every time I drop her off at daycare and when I pick her up. Apparently it's just too much for her to see other parent's picking up their kids and not see her mom.

It's such a weird transition for me, not something you can be ready for. I feel guilty when I come to get Liv and she's crying and I'm not working yet. I can only imagine the guilt I'm going to feel when I'm working full-time. Hopefully though, I'll feel a little more fulfilled and in control of my life.


I had a wonderful day yesterday. It was my 27th birthday, which I share with my twin sister (Dani). I've talked about her a lot on here. Dani and Mike (otherwise known as: Bikey) got engaged!!! We are all so happy for them. I have known for a bit so it was hard to keep a secret but it was so worth it. I said to liv that Auntie Dani and Uncle Bikey were getting married and she responded "I gettin' mawied!". Girl doesn't like to be left out. She also told me it was her birthday yesterday....

Pat took me to the Calgary tower for dinner. It was good because it was different from anything we normally do, but it was a little stuffy for us. The restaurant stands at 155 meters and revolves a full circle every 45 minutes. So weird to be constantly moving. Here is a link to go see for yourself. We walked to the top of the tower after dinner and everyone else stood on the glass floor, but I don't appreciate heights and the feeling that I'm going to fall to my death, so I passed...I took a little peek over though :).

We'll be spending the rest of our week recovering and cleaning in anticipation for Ashley to come visit! She's coming either Friday or Saturday to spend a few days with us. We will probably spend our time visiting, drinking wine, and crafting!

Bikey and Dani. Congrats! Love you :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

a great idea and a good friend.

I had to write about my friend, Jocie. She just started a blog and not just any blog. She started a blog in order to reach out to people who are dealing with the same loss she is dealing with and also to be an advocate for suicide prevention. She lost her little brother to suicide two years ago. I've known Jocie since grade school and her strength is undeniable. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself over the loss of Shannon, I think about Jocie. She is a survivor and has survived more heartbreak than I and I am so proud of her for using her loss to help others. Please take a minute to read her story and share. Here is the link.

Jocie and I.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what's new

I have been spending a lot of time during my day job searching. It's more annoying than I remember, but it gets easier the more jobs I apply to. It's just been so long! I had my resume updated/re-written for me, because It needed a facelift, I'm much more confident in it. It doesn't exactly change my lack of experience, but it made it sound a little prettier ha.

Other than that, Liv is at daycare again today. She knows what is going on at drop-offs now, so there have been tears. She breaks my heart, but I know its for the best that she gets used to this. I know once I'm gone that the tears stop and she has a great time. It's good for her to be around other kids and stay busy.

We've kind of hit a road block on her sleeping though. I don't know if it is her being sick or she's just going through a stage, but she is getting up multiple times during the night to come in bed with us. Mean mommy made a few appearances last night when I had to put her back in bed. She is not a toddler you can sleep with, we've tried, and we end up being up all night. I'm hoping mean mommy can take a vacation after a few more days.

I've also been on pinterest a lot lately. I'm finding inspiration to re-decorate our living room. I'll update on that when I have more finished. Pat enjoys teasing me about pinterest, however his obsession with reddit is equally as obnoxious so I take it all in stride. Last night when we were lying in bed, talking about who knows, he made a comment that "I know, I'm so pinteresting"...he's hilarious.

My life has been exciting...not really, but what is exciting is that we are going to a piano bar on Friday to celebrate my birthday (which is on Monday). I've only been there once before, but it was a blast, so i'm looking forward to going there with Pat and some friends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's Liv's first day of "school" tomorrow, or what normal people call, daycare. We strategically played it off to her as school, because she is very into wearing her backpack around and pretending like she is going to school.

As of right now, I'm excited. Things could change tomorrow morning. There might be tears, but I think its for the best...for both of us. It will give me some extra time to do some major job searching and organizing so that my apartment is in order once I start working. Oh what will I do with all my extra time?

She's going to go two days this week and probably three days next week and the following weeks until I find a job. The idea is to ease her into daycare. She went to daycare when she was around 5 months old, but not for a lengthy amount of time and she definitely doesn't remember. This will be a total shock for her. I'm hoping for a nice and smooth transition.

So...wish us luck! I'm a little anxious I'm going to forget something. I already had to make a last minute run to the store for snowpants because Liv's mysteriously went missing, not pointing fingers, Pat...oh I'm definitely pointing fingers. Crisis averted though...I'm thankful that my over planning self decided to pack her bag tonight and not tomorrow morning :).

Friday, January 6, 2012

my pretty girl(s)

It's been so nice here this week. Two days ago it was around 60 degrees here. I posted about the nice weather already, but it gives me a chance to get Liv outside and practice my limited photography skills. It helps that my subject is so cute and I don't have to have the perfect picture to make her look perfect.
taking lily for a walk...umm notice the infinity scarf, on a 2 year old! I die...it's so cute :). (my mom made it!)



my wild girl

this is a rare moment that I'm thankful I caught

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year

We started off the New Year with me receiving my work permit! You know the one that I've been waiting over 11 months for....yes that one. What better way to start the new year than with a fresh start and a new beginning. I can't even explain how exciting this is for me. I have felt stuck after moving to Canada. This work permit brings with it some excitement for me.

Liv has been on a waiting list for about a month to a daycare that is literally 2 blocks away. I am calling back today to check on when she'll be able to go. She'll be in for some big changes. Speaking of big changes, we are on day 3 of no "sucky". Well she gets it at naptime and bedtime, but this is seriously huge for her and us. It was our new year's resolution. She is under the impression that daycare is school and she is very excited to go to school...she woke up this morning talking about it :). I told her that yes she is going to school and there will be other big girls there and they won't have suckies because they don't allow them at school. She seemed satisfied with that answer ha.

We had a pretty low-key NY eve. We had a few people over and everyone pretty much filed out after midnight and we went to bed. It was nice to hang out at home and also to not have to stress about where we were going and finding a babysitter. So not worth it and this was much better. I do have far too much champagne left over, so it looks like I'll be drinking that tomorrow for the return of grey's, private practice, and vampire diaries!!!

It's also be unseasonably nice here, which is perfect when trying to keep Liv busy and her mind off her non-existent sucky...so we took a trip to the park yesterday. I have a bunch of pictures I discovered on my little camera that I need to upload and sort, so hopefully that will motivate me to do some more consistent posts.

kind of love this picture.