Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sicky, guilt, oh and an engagement!!

Liv has had a struggle lately. She's on the mend, but still isn't 100%. Her mucous-y sickness has been passed along to me and we've both been a little miserable. Add her sickness to starting daycare and I have one clingy kiddo. She's been crying every time I drop her off at daycare and when I pick her up. Apparently it's just too much for her to see other parent's picking up their kids and not see her mom.

It's such a weird transition for me, not something you can be ready for. I feel guilty when I come to get Liv and she's crying and I'm not working yet. I can only imagine the guilt I'm going to feel when I'm working full-time. Hopefully though, I'll feel a little more fulfilled and in control of my life.


I had a wonderful day yesterday. It was my 27th birthday, which I share with my twin sister (Dani). I've talked about her a lot on here. Dani and Mike (otherwise known as: Bikey) got engaged!!! We are all so happy for them. I have known for a bit so it was hard to keep a secret but it was so worth it. I said to liv that Auntie Dani and Uncle Bikey were getting married and she responded "I gettin' mawied!". Girl doesn't like to be left out. She also told me it was her birthday yesterday....

Pat took me to the Calgary tower for dinner. It was good because it was different from anything we normally do, but it was a little stuffy for us. The restaurant stands at 155 meters and revolves a full circle every 45 minutes. So weird to be constantly moving. Here is a link to go see for yourself. We walked to the top of the tower after dinner and everyone else stood on the glass floor, but I don't appreciate heights and the feeling that I'm going to fall to my death, so I passed...I took a little peek over though :).

We'll be spending the rest of our week recovering and cleaning in anticipation for Ashley to come visit! She's coming either Friday or Saturday to spend a few days with us. We will probably spend our time visiting, drinking wine, and crafting!

Bikey and Dani. Congrats! Love you :)


  1. I'm bringin the wine...and cheese...and your book. Can't wait to see you! Oh, and I'll be there Friday night :)

  2. Ugh...I want to come too!!!