Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's Liv's first day of "school" tomorrow, or what normal people call, daycare. We strategically played it off to her as school, because she is very into wearing her backpack around and pretending like she is going to school.

As of right now, I'm excited. Things could change tomorrow morning. There might be tears, but I think its for the best...for both of us. It will give me some extra time to do some major job searching and organizing so that my apartment is in order once I start working. Oh what will I do with all my extra time?

She's going to go two days this week and probably three days next week and the following weeks until I find a job. The idea is to ease her into daycare. She went to daycare when she was around 5 months old, but not for a lengthy amount of time and she definitely doesn't remember. This will be a total shock for her. I'm hoping for a nice and smooth transition.

So...wish us luck! I'm a little anxious I'm going to forget something. I already had to make a last minute run to the store for snowpants because Liv's mysteriously went missing, not pointing fingers, Pat...oh I'm definitely pointing fingers. Crisis averted though...I'm thankful that my over planning self decided to pack her bag tonight and not tomorrow morning :).


  1. good luck! hoping things go very smoothly for everyone!

  2. Good luck! I want updates! Sounds like a fun new adventure!

  3. Good luck! I hope you both had a great day :) Even if it takes her a little while to get used to it, she will soon LOVE going to school. I just switched Lilah from 2 to 3 days a week (just for the mornings) because she loves it so much!

  4. How exciting! So happy for Liv and for momma! Good luck with the job search, enjoy the extra free time :)

  5. Good Luck! She'll do great...and so will you!