Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livi Day...or week :)

During college, when Pat and I were both busy with school, not to mention work for me and hockey for him, Sundays were our day. I liked to call them Desi Day...it was a holiday every sunday for Pat ;). I've mentioned to Pat that the days of Desi Day are over and it will now be Livi Day. Livi day is every day though...so I guess every day seems like a holiday now! Anyways, the point of my flashback is that its officially spring break week for me and I get to spend every day with little Liv.

I had a great weekend with Dani and Mike. I always have fun with them and it was nice to just relax. Dani and I went to bed early Friday, woke up for some shopping and then went out with Mike later. It was a lot of fun, but I missed Liv by the end of the weekend. We skyped a few times over the weekend and it was weird to see what Pat sees. Its definitley not the same and I can't wait for him to be able to see her in person again.

Here is a picture of Dani and I from the weekend (can you tell who is who lol? If you can't, I'm on the right). We are at Lattitudes having some margaritas :) The tables have maps on them and our table had all of the UK and Belfast was there...so I took a picture from my phone and sent it to Pat.

A really good friend of mine, Jill, is in town tomorrow and her and Ashley are going to come over for brunch. She hasn't met Liv yet. The last time she was in town, was over Christmas when we were in Northern Ireland. Jill is Dr. Mackie's daughter...crazy huh? We've been best friends since the 7th or 8th grade. Speaking of Dr. Mackie, Liv had her 6 month wellness visit on Monday. She didn't gain any weight but grew an inch. I've been given two different heights for Liv...so I'm gonna say she's 30 inches tall now and still 23lbs. I think she is the size of a one year old. My arms agree.

Liv has been a maniac lately. I've mentioned her craziness before, and its in full force. You will see in the video that I post, she is in non-stop motion. God forbid she crawls...she's over that before its started...she's all about walking.

Looking all innocent and stationary

she is faking you out...she's not gonna crawl, she'd rather belly flop

This is more Liv's cup of tea

I made this headband months ago...too bad I didn't think it through because this may be the only outfit that it matches.

Ok...this is the worst quality video anyone has ever seen. Taylr still has the camera and I used my phone to take this. Its blurry, really blurry...but that little blob boppin around is Liv, I promise :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

a little dissapointing

I just sat down to download all the pictures of Liv and the video. My pictures are on my Nikon, which doesn't take video so I have to use my mom's camera. Well...my brother left for spring break today and took it with him!!! Before I got a chance to download it! UGH...Aaaand he is going to be gone alll week. I was looking forward to sharing it with everyone, but I will try to get taylr to upload it to my youtube account. I do have some pictures of Liv though. She is wearing a new outfit, one of the many my mom bought for her while she was in Florida. Liv has been so much fun lately. She is into EVERYTHING. She wants to just go but she isn't sturdy enough yet. She would be happy to stand all day long. Thank god for our walk-around toy. She surprises me every day with something that she does. I really think she might be walking by the time she's 9 months. I dunno if she'll ever crawl...she will go on her hands and knees, go back into a sitting position, and reach for something...but the minute her knees hit the ground she kicks out her legs and is flat on her belly.

Liv has also been working on waving hi and bye....she'll do it, but not all the time. Its really cute to see her waving her chubby little wrist around :). Something else she's been doing is giving kisses...wide mouth, slobbery kisses, but kisses nonetheless. Today I went to lunch with my friend Tara and Liv. While Liv was sitting in her highchair I said "kisses....mmmmmm" and leaned in. Liv grabbed both sides of my hair and pulled me in for a big smooch! It hurt but it was too cute for me to care! I will really miss my gremlin this weekend but I know I'll get to spend all week next week with her.

ohhhh Lilyyy Where are youuu?

Liv and Lily have a love/hate relationship....Liv loves Lily and Lily hates her :)

Friday - spring break

Thank the lord its Friday! This has been the longest week of my life. I have a half day of work today due to spring break starting at our school :). I am going to head to Marquette this evening for a fun and sleep-filled weekend with Dani. Liv is staying with my mom for the weekend, so it will be Lily and I. Dani won't let me come without Lily...and especially if I'm not bringing Liv. I have been a little absent this week in the blogging world, but I have some pictures and the cutest video of Liv that I will post after school today. Lets just say it involves walking, kind of. I swear my child isn't going to crawl but just start running.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

food for teeth

Liv's third tooth broke through!!! Its on the bottom left, next to her front left tooth. Liv's sleeping has been so inconsistent and I guess I'm not going to get to the bottom of it until the teething slows down. I was talking with my friend Krysta last night and decided that I need to get going on the finger foods for Liv. I've got to make use of all these teeth she's getting :). This morning I fed Liv egg yolks and toast, but I needed some ideas of things to cook for her. I have been following the Wholesome baby food website from the very beginning so I took a look at the 8-10 month feeding chart they offer. I made a fiber one blueberry muffin loaf, a turkey and apple loaf (kind of like baby meatloaf), and I bought the ziplock steamfresh bags so that I could steam Liv's fruits and veggies to mix into her purees bc I have a ton. I would be lost without that website...it has so many great ideas that I would never think of. Its a life saver. However, I am now on the hunt for a highchair. Liv can pop the tray and herself out of her bumbo, and I have been using one of those seats that attach to the counter and Liv's feet hang (I don't know what they are called). The problem with this is there is a gap between Liv and the counter and the majority of her food lands on the floor. This is great news for Lily but its kind of hindering Liv from learning to feed herself. So I'm asking around and searching second-hand because I dont want to pay full price for one when Pat and I are going to move and most likely not be able to bring it with us. If anybody has some advice on where to look I would appreciate it. Ive looked on craigslist...but I'm from the upper peninsula of MI, and when I searched highchair I got 3 results, 2 of which were want ads.

Here are some photos from our Sunday morning:)

Rach - Liv LOVES this phone...she's borderline obsessed with it (its from the table you got her :)

Its hard work pulling yourself up!

oooh oooh, struggling

sweet success...

I decided she might have an easier time if she was sans pants

I tried getting her a cellphone so that mine wasn't so enticing...turns out the real thing is still better :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

soon to be a toddler?

My baby looks like a toddler in these pictures. Her little jeans I think are what put it over the edge. Liv rarely wears jeans, because usually if they are the right length they don't fit her belly and if they fit her belly they are too long. These are too long, but I really couldn't resist putting them on her. The toy that is in the picture is new, kind of. My grandma has a toy that is about the same height and Liv can pull herself into a standing position using it. So I went to a secondhand store in town and found this toy for $19! I was pretty excited about my purchase. She can pull herself up into a standing position with it and I'll get a video when my mother comes back from florida with the camera (mine doesn't take video).

Anyways, we are having a nice, relaxing weekend. Except my grandma, who has caught Liv's flu which I thought we were all rid of. I still have a queasy stomach but I'm feeling much better. Liv and I have been taking extra long naps together just to be safe ;).

Look at her!!!
Hey mom...I'm busy acting like a toddler, no biggie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The most adorable giveaway!

Tiffany, over at , Feels like Home, is having an amazing giveaway! I suggest you go take a look because the little Gracious May Maryjanes are gorgeous and need to be on Liv's feet. If I don't win I will have to buy a pair, thats how cute they are :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SAHM for a day

I got to be a stay at home mom again for a day. I wish it had been under better circumstances, but Liv had the flu. It started yesterday around 6:30pm. Her and I were taking a nap in my bed when I got off from work. I woke up before her, so I left her to sleep a litte longer (yeah yeah I know...but who disturbs a sleeping baby? not this mom). Anyways, my dad went to go get her and she was FULL of puke. She, however, was in great spirits...my dad claims she was babbling and rolling around in her own puke. The smell obviously didn't phase her. Her hair and clothes were soaked...not to mention my bedding ::sigh::. She also had chunks of peas from her lunch in her hair. I may have gagged a few times...So I threw her in the big girl tub (which we hadn't done yet, but she loved it so we repeated that today), and changed her pj's. Not even 20 minutes later, Liv puked all over her pj's. Like seriously, what do you do with a puking baby? Me, well I tried to catch it in a burp rag...is that weird? I didn't know what else to do, but the child didn't stop until she had puked in the seat of her walk-around, two spots on the carpet, and I caught the rest. Clearly, if puke catching were a sport I wouldn't be MVP.

I'm happy to say that she's feeling better. I may have freaked out slightly and called the ER to see what to do and when I was supposed to bring her in. They did give me good advice and that was to dilute her formula and not give her as much as usual. Which was a better idea than I had, which was to not feed her because duhh she'd throw it up. Not such a great idea I guess. She was so tired from all that puking and the child fell asleep on my shoulder! I know, I haven't talked about this before, but she will.not. sleep on my shoulder. Its like when she's up in that position she has better things to do than lie her head down. So, I knew she wasn't feeling good when she was doing her pre-snooze chatting before she was dead to the world on my shoulder.

I called Bonnie this morning and she had said there was another sick baby yesterday and both her and I weren't comfortable sending Liv there when we didn't know if she'd be sick or not. She said that it happens too much that the parents can't take a day off and send their child to daycare sick, because of work. I didn't want to do that and I definitley didn't want to be called from work if Liv was puking everywhere. So, we stayed home together. She didn't puke today. She was really tired though. She took a nap in the morning, a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, and I could not keep her up past 7:30 tonight. She wanted to sleep at 6:30, but I held her off. So the poor thing is probably still not feeling 100%, but she will be at grammy's tomorrow and I won't have to worry about her.

A picture of us from the weekend when she was feeling her spunky self :) I think she really looks like Pat in this picture.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sneak Preview ;)

Here is a little sneak preview of our spring photo shoot courtesy of Dani Payment Photography (ok I made that up...but maybe she should have a business). Auntie Dani outdid herself and my little spring chicken looks like a little model!

Can it get more spring than yellow, green, and flowers?

little bunny foo foo

Doesn't this make you melt????

profile shot

Sunday, March 14, 2010

early spring

It was another beautiful day out. Its actually pretty crazy. I know 60 degrees doesn't sound like much, but if you live in the U.P. of Michigan, 60 degrees in March is unheard of! Because it was so nice out, we had the idea to bring Liv's walker outside and take advantage of our big driveway. She absolutely LOVED it...as you will see in the video. However, I have a lazy child that wanted to sit in the seat and just push herself backwards instead of standing and walking forward. Its really cute though and I can't wait to get her out there again!

stylin' in her new gladiators :)

Loving it

ooops, thats what happens when you walk backwards and can't see

our weekend in pictures

The photo shoot is complete! I can't wait to get the pictures from Dani. It was a beautiful day (60 degrees and sunny), so we shot it all outside! The shoot was full of flower pots, flower headbands, cute sunny dresses, bunny ears, pinwheels, and sunglasses. If that doesn't give you a hint, it was spring themed! Here is our weekend in pictures...we had a great time with Auntie Dani and our planning to go see her in a few weeks during my spring break (the plus of working at a school).
See this....it tastes good and makes bubbles

Climbing on Auntie

Grammy told us that Liv pulled herself into a standing position on Friday night and she has been pulling herself up on EVERYTHING...including people. Dani thought it was cute until she started pulling herself up on her hair.
She takes watching elmo very seriously

Rare occasion - snuggling with mommy. She is so not a snuggly girl.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!