Sunday, March 14, 2010

our weekend in pictures

The photo shoot is complete! I can't wait to get the pictures from Dani. It was a beautiful day (60 degrees and sunny), so we shot it all outside! The shoot was full of flower pots, flower headbands, cute sunny dresses, bunny ears, pinwheels, and sunglasses. If that doesn't give you a hint, it was spring themed! Here is our weekend in pictures...we had a great time with Auntie Dani and our planning to go see her in a few weeks during my spring break (the plus of working at a school).
See tastes good and makes bubbles

Climbing on Auntie

Grammy told us that Liv pulled herself into a standing position on Friday night and she has been pulling herself up on EVERYTHING...including people. Dani thought it was cute until she started pulling herself up on her hair.
She takes watching elmo very seriously

Rare occasion - snuggling with mommy. She is so not a snuggly girl.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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