Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 Months

This post is coming a few days late because we have had the longest week of our lives. Liv has been sick for about a week now. She's teething and has a cold. We have been to see Dr. Mackie and for a quick trip to the walk-in clinic because her fever spiked. Basically her top two teeth are thisss close to popping through and that coupled with the cold is causing for a lack of sleep in our world. In my stay at home days, this would be manageable...however, going to work in a first grade classroom after no sleep makes me a little crazy. But no worries, I have a stash of redbull shots in my desk at work.

Lets get back to the reason for my post. My 7 month old princess. She was justtt weighed and measured last night at the ER so I'm going to go with those stats seeing I don't have any to post. According to the scale she was 22lbs 13oz and she was 29 inches long! BTW...this was so cool to me, but they measured her standing up! Which, for Liv is wayyy more accurate bc just try grabbing her foot and pulling it straight, she has superwoman muscles and will fight you the whole way. So moral of the story is I have a giant baby. If you have a 7 month old that is 22lbs plus and 29 inches long I would love to know about it because as of right now I think she's in a league of her own, or just special :).

So new things that Livi is up to....we have desperately been trying to get her to crawl. We have succeeded in getting her to tolerate time on her tummy and she can move backwards a little, which just frustrates her when she wants what we're bribing her with. The best bribe is the remote control. As you can see in my previous video, Liv is in love with her walk-around and her purple phone. She spends a lot of time in there. Food wise I'm still making her foods, except for her yo baby. I tried mixing fruits I made with plain whole milk yogurt and Liv hated I went back to the yo baby. No meats yet, but she loves her puffs and mum mums.

This post is getting long, but I feel like I've been slacking lately. Like I said earlier, this week has been crazy and I'm hoping once Liv isn't sick my whole working mom life will get easier. I really miss my baby lately, but its nice to go pick her up and see her big smiling face and hear her excited squeals when I walk in the door. Here is my 7 month old...she's decked out in pj's, because thats how we roll when we're sick.

loving her phone



  1. She looks reminiscent of Shiloh and Vivienne Pitt...especially in the first two photographs...She must get it from me:)
    Love Dani

  2. Those photos are gorgeous. Where did you get the pj's? She is a tall girl! I thought Addie was big, but she hasn't gained any weight since her 7 month appointment. Maybe the weight gain slows down now? Not sure.

  3. I keep being told that she'll slow down....maybe when she starts moving? I got the pj's when I was over in Belfast. It was TK Max, which is equivalent to our TJ Max but with european brands. I'll have to look to see the brand they are. They are super comfy though!

  4. I want to know the brand! I love them and want to buy them! Miss you two, come visit soon!