Sunday, March 21, 2010

food for teeth

Liv's third tooth broke through!!! Its on the bottom left, next to her front left tooth. Liv's sleeping has been so inconsistent and I guess I'm not going to get to the bottom of it until the teething slows down. I was talking with my friend Krysta last night and decided that I need to get going on the finger foods for Liv. I've got to make use of all these teeth she's getting :). This morning I fed Liv egg yolks and toast, but I needed some ideas of things to cook for her. I have been following the Wholesome baby food website from the very beginning so I took a look at the 8-10 month feeding chart they offer. I made a fiber one blueberry muffin loaf, a turkey and apple loaf (kind of like baby meatloaf), and I bought the ziplock steamfresh bags so that I could steam Liv's fruits and veggies to mix into her purees bc I have a ton. I would be lost without that has so many great ideas that I would never think of. Its a life saver. However, I am now on the hunt for a highchair. Liv can pop the tray and herself out of her bumbo, and I have been using one of those seats that attach to the counter and Liv's feet hang (I don't know what they are called). The problem with this is there is a gap between Liv and the counter and the majority of her food lands on the floor. This is great news for Lily but its kind of hindering Liv from learning to feed herself. So I'm asking around and searching second-hand because I dont want to pay full price for one when Pat and I are going to move and most likely not be able to bring it with us. If anybody has some advice on where to look I would appreciate it. Ive looked on craigslist...but I'm from the upper peninsula of MI, and when I searched highchair I got 3 results, 2 of which were want ads.

Here are some photos from our Sunday morning:)

Rach - Liv LOVES this phone...she's borderline obsessed with it (its from the table you got her :)

Its hard work pulling yourself up!

oooh oooh, struggling

sweet success...

I decided she might have an easier time if she was sans pants

I tried getting her a cellphone so that mine wasn't so enticing...turns out the real thing is still better :)


  1. Desi you don't need any help in food suggestions...sounds like you are doing an awesome job all on your own. Olivia just gets more and more beautiful every time I see a new posting. We have "gently used" stores here specifically for is called "once upon a child" you have anything like that there? Or try watching the paper for garage sales or community sales of kids items. Good luck and keep the postings coming, I love to see and read them!

  2. Ooo she has some fun toys!! We might need to get that toy phone. What's it from? We got Addie a toy remote control, but she still favors the real thing!! They are too smart for us :)

  3. Hey Super Mom,
    Do you want me to check out that newer consignment shop on Washington for ya? Or you could also call...That's where I got our walker, they have tons of stuff and it all seems to be in pretty good condition! Good job on the homemade finger foods! Make us some while your at it, kthanks :)

  4. Care - I just got her phone from walmart...I think it is the infantino brand. The purple one she loves is from a play table she has.

    Krysta - I am going to call! Good idea...I'm coming up this weekend so I could just look too I guess :).

  5. Desi, have you checked Ikea. They have cheap highchairs but best not to keep Liv unattended, they arent too strong, but they work. We have friends that use one. not sure if they will ship. I may be able to ship one to you mid Apri.