Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a land of bunnies

I had the worst day at work ever. It was full of run-aways, social workers, suicide threats, and 1st graders flashing their hoo-ha's in the classroom. So, instead of writing in detail about my day I have decided to flash back a few days and tell a story that a little boy in my class told in our "culture" class. That would be Indian culture class to be specific. I walked in at the end of the class and the teacher was letting the students take turns telling stories, because in the Indian culture, stories are very important, right? Right. Anywho, this little one is very soft spoken and sensitive. He loves stuffed animals and is always asking me if I think the puppy in this picture is cute. Very cute. So he gets up to tell his story and asks if he can use the white board to draw a picture along with his story. He draws a great big square shape and starts the story....

"A long long time ago there was a town fulllll of bunnies. All different kinds of bunnies. All different colors of bunnies". His little hand drew circles and used different markers to fill in the "bunnies". "The bunnies were very happy in their town, but it got toooo crowded, so some of the bunnies were sent away". As he said this, he drew two circles outside of the square with arrows showing they were leaving. "But the bunnies came back because they were sad and they had such a good life in their town". He drew arrows to show them coming back. He proceeded to tell us how more bunnies were sent away but because all of them loved their life so much....they always came back. I drew a little pictures to show you what his art looked like :)

This story killed me. It was adorable. All of the kids loved it too. So, even when work makes me want to go drink 3 margaritas, sometimes its cute and I need to remember the good times...and who doesn't love a good bunny story :)

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