Friday, March 26, 2010

a little dissapointing

I just sat down to download all the pictures of Liv and the video. My pictures are on my Nikon, which doesn't take video so I have to use my mom's camera. brother left for spring break today and took it with him!!! Before I got a chance to download it! UGH...Aaaand he is going to be gone alll week. I was looking forward to sharing it with everyone, but I will try to get taylr to upload it to my youtube account. I do have some pictures of Liv though. She is wearing a new outfit, one of the many my mom bought for her while she was in Florida. Liv has been so much fun lately. She is into EVERYTHING. She wants to just go but she isn't sturdy enough yet. She would be happy to stand all day long. Thank god for our walk-around toy. She surprises me every day with something that she does. I really think she might be walking by the time she's 9 months. I dunno if she'll ever crawl...she will go on her hands and knees, go back into a sitting position, and reach for something...but the minute her knees hit the ground she kicks out her legs and is flat on her belly.

Liv has also been working on waving hi and bye....she'll do it, but not all the time. Its really cute to see her waving her chubby little wrist around :). Something else she's been doing is giving kisses...wide mouth, slobbery kisses, but kisses nonetheless. Today I went to lunch with my friend Tara and Liv. While Liv was sitting in her highchair I said "kisses....mmmmmm" and leaned in. Liv grabbed both sides of my hair and pulled me in for a big smooch! It hurt but it was too cute for me to care! I will really miss my gremlin this weekend but I know I'll get to spend all week next week with her.

ohhhh Lilyyy Where are youuu?

Liv and Lily have a love/hate relationship....Liv loves Lily and Lily hates her :)


  1. adorable! Don't you love the slobber kisses!? I wasn't sure that's what she was doing, but it must be, right? Does Liv bite a little, haha?

    Hope you get that video! :)

  2. wow- she's freaking adorable!