Saturday, March 20, 2010

soon to be a toddler?

My baby looks like a toddler in these pictures. Her little jeans I think are what put it over the edge. Liv rarely wears jeans, because usually if they are the right length they don't fit her belly and if they fit her belly they are too long. These are too long, but I really couldn't resist putting them on her. The toy that is in the picture is new, kind of. My grandma has a toy that is about the same height and Liv can pull herself into a standing position using it. So I went to a secondhand store in town and found this toy for $19! I was pretty excited about my purchase. She can pull herself up into a standing position with it and I'll get a video when my mother comes back from florida with the camera (mine doesn't take video).

Anyways, we are having a nice, relaxing weekend. Except my grandma, who has caught Liv's flu which I thought we were all rid of. I still have a queasy stomach but I'm feeling much better. Liv and I have been taking extra long naps together just to be safe ;).

Look at her!!!
Hey mom...I'm busy acting like a toddler, no biggie


  1. what a little sweetie! she does indeed look like a big girl here. but not to worry, mama, still very much a baby! :D

    liv is just so beautiful. my laptop bit the dust 2 weeks ago and i've been super busy & haven't transferred my blog links on to the new one - so i got to see a whole bundle of your posts and liv preciousness all at once! kind of a fun treat actually!


  2. I can't imagine what I would do without my laptop! Cry most likely :) I'm glad you're back!