Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livi Day...or week :)

During college, when Pat and I were both busy with school, not to mention work for me and hockey for him, Sundays were our day. I liked to call them Desi Day...it was a holiday every sunday for Pat ;). I've mentioned to Pat that the days of Desi Day are over and it will now be Livi Day. Livi day is every day though...so I guess every day seems like a holiday now! Anyways, the point of my flashback is that its officially spring break week for me and I get to spend every day with little Liv.

I had a great weekend with Dani and Mike. I always have fun with them and it was nice to just relax. Dani and I went to bed early Friday, woke up for some shopping and then went out with Mike later. It was a lot of fun, but I missed Liv by the end of the weekend. We skyped a few times over the weekend and it was weird to see what Pat sees. Its definitley not the same and I can't wait for him to be able to see her in person again.

Here is a picture of Dani and I from the weekend (can you tell who is who lol? If you can't, I'm on the right). We are at Lattitudes having some margaritas :) The tables have maps on them and our table had all of the UK and Belfast was there...so I took a picture from my phone and sent it to Pat.

A really good friend of mine, Jill, is in town tomorrow and her and Ashley are going to come over for brunch. She hasn't met Liv yet. The last time she was in town, was over Christmas when we were in Northern Ireland. Jill is Dr. Mackie's daughter...crazy huh? We've been best friends since the 7th or 8th grade. Speaking of Dr. Mackie, Liv had her 6 month wellness visit on Monday. She didn't gain any weight but grew an inch. I've been given two different heights for Liv...so I'm gonna say she's 30 inches tall now and still 23lbs. I think she is the size of a one year old. My arms agree.

Liv has been a maniac lately. I've mentioned her craziness before, and its in full force. You will see in the video that I post, she is in non-stop motion. God forbid she crawls...she's over that before its started...she's all about walking.

Looking all innocent and stationary

she is faking you out...she's not gonna crawl, she'd rather belly flop

This is more Liv's cup of tea

I made this headband months ago...too bad I didn't think it through because this may be the only outfit that it matches.

Ok...this is the worst quality video anyone has ever seen. Taylr still has the camera and I used my phone to take this. Its blurry, really blurry...but that little blob boppin around is Liv, I promise :)

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  1. OMG Desi. She is going to be walking SOON. I didn't realize she was that close!! She is so brave (and sturdy), only holding on with one hand!! So cute, love the toy she was playing with too!