Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Time at the Park

It was a beautiful day out so I decided to take Liv to the park. They have a toddler section there. We really only made use of the swing, but Liv absolutely loved it. She had a blast and sat there smiling and kicking her little feet the entire time. We had the swings all to ourselves to the most part and at the end another little baby and his grandmother were next to us. She asked me how old Liv was and I said "8 months" (bc yes Liv is 8 months tomorrow!). The woman was like "wowwww, he's 9". Liv towered over this little boy. She could have stomped on him. I couldn't help but laugh because the size difference was very obvious. We tried to slide but Liv wasn't too impressed by it so we took a break to watch the kiddies play and pick up some wood chips :).


  1. She looks like a little mini-Desi. Standing up, in her big girl shoes on, so cute!! You are going to have your hands full veryyyy soon :) I knew she was going to start sprinting before she was one!