Monday, April 19, 2010

run with the devil

I started day one of my goal today. Whats that? You didn't know I had a goal? Well I didn't tell anybody just in case I changed my mind about it. I decided to start running again when I started working half days. This was the day and I embarked on a 3 mile "run". I live on a 3 mile block. The road I'm on is a one mile block and is perpendicular to another one mile block. The streets connecting them are half a mile. I was all set, so as soon as I walked out of my driveway I started jogging (yes, a health and fitness management degree should have taught me how crucial warming up is...but i'm lazy). I got maybe 4 minutes into my run and I was DYING. I was a bit embarassed. I kept thinking to myself "who's body is this? because its not mine!! Someone must have stolen mine and replaced it with this rickety old thing"! I won't go into the details, but it was pathetic. I ran probably a mile and a half and then walked the rest. It wasn't a pretty stroll either, I was huffing and puffing and my muscles were burning while I was walking, bent over the stroller, holding on for dear life. I was happy Liv was sleeping and didn't witness the pathetic performance from her mom.

I used to be super active. I played sports through highschool and when that was over I got into long distance running. I ran two marathons with a few 10k's mixed in. I was a personal trainer and now apparently I'm a hypocrite. Pat says "you have to start somewhere"...which I know, but this weekend Dani and Mike are coming to the Soo. The reason for their visit is because Dani and I are participating in an alumni basketball tournament. HA. Dani was teasing me the other day and asked me to please fit in a run before the big day. I made sure to call her with the bad news today....I'll be there on Saturday, but it might be ugly. Eh. K, onto something way cuter than my story. A video of Liv cruisin' around. She may be chubby but I can guarantee she's in better shape than her mom ;).


  1. Ugh, I started running again too and let me tell you it aint pretty. I also joined a gym. I'm really determined to get myself back in shape. If you ever want to talk about successes/failures whatever, feel free to e-mail me. It's always easier when you know someone else is just as rickety and miserable as you.

  2. So cute. I miss you two :) I might say this too often, but I can't wait to see you both and have some Mommy Margs! I tried to go for a job the other day too...It was sad. Go Livi, I love watching her cruise around!