Thursday, April 8, 2010

a little maniac and a lovely little award

My daughter is a maniac. I'm convinced she is crazy and trying to give me a heart attack. Carolyn (Pat's mom) says its "uncanny" how much Liv acts like Pat did, and to be honest...that really scares me! The child pulls herself up, stands and then lets go or does a little patty cake! The letting go isn't so much what is giving me heart palpitations...its when the little gremlin decides she's gonna take a little stroll! Liv can't stroll anywhere. She looks like a drunken sailor. She has taken 3 or 4 steps steadily but by god, she can't walk and definitley not without me closely monitoring so she doesn't hit her head or eye on the corner of the table and have a concussion or loses an eye!!! These are the crazy thoughts that go through my mind. She is driving me to need a xanax...or a few glasses of wine, Gah! I'm determined to get a video this weekend so everyone can feel my pain, but for now I have some pictures.

Oh..and I recieved the One Lovely Blog Award from Jenny over at The Adventures of Two under Two. She has a beautiful little boy, Henry, who is around Liv's age...and she has another boy, Holden, on the way! She's a great writer so go check out her blog :).

I'm gonna tag a few girls for this award too:

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another one of Liv's fav things...this teething ring. She has two of them and is obsessed. As you can see if she drops it she must pick it up because it goes everywhere with her, duh...

testing the waters

A little patty cake

ps. I picked a twitter name ::drumroll please::...........DesiPayment! lol, its quite creative, I know. I have no idea what i'm doing right now though, so it might take me a few weeks, hopefully.


  1. Ahh!! You weren't lying when you said she tries to let go like she knows how to walk! So cute! She is going to give Arianna a run for her money :)

  2. Aww I love the pictures! :) And about the twitter, my account name was jodywills, before I deleted it (why I have no idea), haha so we are on the same team for originality! :) Thank you for tagging me in the award. Sadly I don't know what I am supposed to do with it on my page, so any ideas would be great haha. I am so blogging illiterate still I think.

    Looking forward to catching a video of little Livi "stumbling around like a drunky".. I'll be able to compare to your old days ;) just kidding! Have a great weekend love!

  3. hahaha. Well...this award didn't have any directions with it. So, I just did what the person who tagged me did. Right click and copy the award...paste it into your blog and then I tagged as many people as I wanted :)