Saturday, April 3, 2010

8 months

Liv turned 8 months on Friday, the 2nd. I can't believe that she is 8 months old....4 more months until she is a year! I've seriously already started planning her birthday party :). Onto what Livi is up to these days. I posted a few weeks back that she didn't gain any weight at her last appointment but she did grow an inch. I'm assuming this stall in weight gain is due to the fact that she is into everything. I'm not sure that I'd categorize her as mobile but almost. I am going to bet that she will be walking by 9 months. The girl wants nothing to do with that crawling business...she must not want to wrinkle her clothes ;). She LOVES to stand. Its her favorite pasttime. Also if she is sitting, she wants to be sitting next to her toy basket so she can take everything out of it. She is pretty chatty and can make the "da" sound, unfortunately not the "ma". In fact when I ask her to "say mama" she usually says "da da da da", life is so unfair.

Liv's other tricks include giving kisses, clapping, waving hi or bye (hasn't mastered this yet, but she will do it), and walking around her play tables. She has quite the little attitude lately. My mom says she has a temper, and if you know her father, he is most definitley to blame. He would hate me for saying that, but sorry Pat :). She is a huuuuge mommy's girl, and mixed with her temper she can get pretty worked up if she wants me. BUT the minute she gets me she is all smiles and coos.

8 months ago we had this little nugget...all 9 pounds of her

And now I have an almost walking, talking, smiling, and trick doing baby!
Here is that clapping trick I told you about :)

can't get enough

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  1. Our babes are growing up. I just booked the hall for Isabella's first birthday. It's crazy how fast it goes. Olivia is super cute. Such a pretty and happy baby.