Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have my mornings back with Liv and I'm loving it. We went for another run yesterday and it turned out about as good as the first one. I'm taking today off because I need to go into town to find a white shirt for our "four generation" picture on Friday, and I simply don't have the time to do both because unfortunately Liv won't nap if she takes a nap in the stroller....therefore its a mad dash to get out the door with a cranky child that is sick of sitting in contraptions because her mom needs to shower, do her hair, make-up, dishes, get things ready....ugh. By the time I'm out the door I'm sweating and exhausted. I'm going to try to run before my mom leaves in the morning. I was up early enough this morning but I'm really sore and to be honest, I don't think I need to run everrry day :). Plus, who am I kidding, my "run" isn't all a run and the route that used to take me 30 minutes tops, is now taking me an hour. A woman at work responded with "welcome to mommyhood" when I told them about this. I am however, not going to accept that...mommy's can be in shape too.

Liv is my second work out as of right now. I just put up some corner gaurds for the tables because Liv pulls herself up on them whenever possible. I have to watch her like a hawk. I have a few tricks up my sleeves to entertain her if I need to put her in her walk-around or exersaucer. For example, saltines and her sippy cup. She could spend a good 30 minutes munching on saltines, most of them land on the floor for Lily...but then everybody is happy :). She also has a slight love for yo gabba gabba. I've been playing it from on demand for her when I want to keep her entertained. She won't stop what she's doing and just watch though. For the most part, its background noise and if something catches her attention she might stop for a few seconds. Pat thinks we are going to have our hands full. My response to that was "mine are already full and you owe me, so get back and chase our child around please!". He will be here soon enough, I may start a countdown.

looking all innocent, don't let her fool you...she's plotting a way to make her mom have a mini heart attack. As in, letting go of the chair and taking a little step towards a table!


  1. Darn right mommy's can be in shape! My mother always made a little time each day to exercise. It was such a stress reliever for her and watching her devote time to herself taught me the importance of physical exercise and its benefits. You'll get right back into running as you used to, your body is just adjusting for the little break it took while you were pregnant. Liv is absolutely gorgeous! So I must ask this question, have you ever eaten at Thai House in Marquette? It is my FAVORITE!!!

  2. UMMM yes!!! The pad thai, pork, number 4 heat is my favorite haha. Its a must have usually when I'm there :)

  3. Ahh, we love Yo Gabba Gabba! Did I tell you to check it out? I seem to rememember having this conversation already, haha! Way to keep up with the running, it's nice to be called a MILF, haha. Shoot, was that too innapropriate for on here? Oh well. Ari says, "Hi Livi, bla da da ma ba ba ba, bllllppppppp".

  4. Ahh yes...see I'm chicken pad thai, no spice...I'm a wimp ha. I always make my boyfriend take me there no other pad thai compares!

  5. It is the best pad thai! I've never had any that was the same...and I've tried a lot. I always end up dissapointed :(.

    Krysta - I think we have discussed yo gabba haha. Its a go-to now for sure. And I don't think MILF is too inappropriate, I'll take it haha!