Monday, April 5, 2010

tweet tweet

So...I'm signing up for a twitter account. I decided this when I wanted to enter a giveaway and 2 of the options for entering were to follow the blogger and the product on twitter. I asked Pat about it because I teased him to no end when he signed up for his twitter account and all I knew about twitter was that ashton kutcher and demi moore tweeted a lot. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey do you have twitter?

Pat: yeah. How come?

Me: well I'm thinking about getting it, but I think I might be confused. Well because all of my bloggers I read have it and they say "follow me on twitter" and you need it to enter giveaways and such.

Pat: (laughs at me) well I'm on there....and gives me his name (you'll have to be my friend first before you get to him ;))

Pat: well, you can look people up

Me: Like my bloggy friends? and Perez...he wants me to follow him too :) And obviously you, so I can tweet your ear off (I think i'm hilarious)

Pat: I think its a good source of info. (so practical my love is)

Me: I need a name

Pat: Look me up

That leaves me with still needing a name. I know "Desi" is really cool and original, but unfortunately its already being Help with ideas please. I'm not so good with witty little names and such. Oh and today is my last day of spring break ::tear::. Tomorrow is back to work was good while it lasted.

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  1. Ok, so the first thing I thought of for an account name for your twitter was something with 'twinner' in it. Maybe weird or dumb, haha, but I am just letting you know the first thing that popped into my head! Can't wait to see you two next weekend!

    P.S. I found a bathing suit that you HAVE(seriously) to buy for Liv on It's a one-piece halter and it's sooooo cute :)