Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter anddddddd.....

First of all, Happy Easter everyone! Secondly, I'm going to be eating my words today...because Liv is crawling. It was clearly intended as my Easter present :). I really thought she would just bypass this step. I was wrong, very wrong. It may be the cutest thing ever to watch because its not coming easily to her right now, but she gets sooo excited when she's up and trying to get to what she wants. Her Easter basket and a crumpled up piece of paper was what we were bribing her with this morning. The easter bunny brought her a few snacks, headbands, easter colored spoons, a new little toy, and some clothes of course. I'd like to think she was impressed more by the gifts than the grass overflowing out of her basket but I'd be lying. I have some pictures of Liv and her easter basket and the most exciting thing of all....a video! Of Liv crawling!!! Happy Easter!!!!!!!

checking out her goodies

easter colored spoons :)

showing us her skills


  1. So cute!

    ::soaks up time where harry is still not mobile::

  2. Ya!!! Its a lot of work dealing with a baby that wants to go go go...I'm exhausted but I think i'm getting my work out haha!

  3. go desi go! what a little sweetie! poppy just started crawling TODAY - hello, she's almost a year old and already took her first steps! silly goo! (:

    des is such a wonderful little cutie pie. looks like a fun easter you had! love that blue-eyed babe...

    cheers! xo.