Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've had a frustrating couple of days. I decided to end my procrastinating last Saturday and headed to Walmart to register. Keep in mind that my mom and I already went there probably a month ago and they told us that their scanner was broken and that we could register online. I didn't want to register online so I waited. So...I go there and ask about registering and the woman tells me that they had their second scanner stolen and they wouldn't be replacing it until they move into their new supercenter location in July!!! UGH. So then I went to Kmart and they handed me a piece of lined paper to register with....I was like, ummmmm really??????? So I took it home and typed it up on excel so it would be nice and neat haha. I also went home and tried registering online for Walmart and got frustrated so I'm going to go to Marquette, againnn, to register at Walmart. This is all kind of silly to get frustrated about, but I'm pregnant so I get to be irrational :).

Onto the next subject...I will be 31 weeks tomorrow and I have a doctor's appointment. I will have to update tomorrow night and I'll take some pictures of my 31 week belly. I've been feeling good, a little more tired and slower moving, but I suppose thats expected. Wish me luck tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

29 weeks and 5 days

It's been awhile hey. I've been really busy for a change haha. I got back from Calgary two Sundays ago and I started work that next Monday, the 11th. I'm working in a first grade classroom as para-professional. I'm pretty much an assistant for the teacher...and do all the dirty work like bring them for bathroom breaks, to lunch, and out to recess. Thank god I wasn't doing this in the winter! I work Monday-Friday from8am-4...and surprisingly it goes by really fast :). I had a long first week though, it was my last week of class for the semester and I of course had procrastinated a bit...so I had to work my butt off, and then on Friday after my mom got off work at 5, we headed to Marquette for my friend, Krysta's, baby shower. She is due a little less than a month after me and we have known eachother for about 5 or 6 years. So...we woke up early the next morning so that we could make it to Target at 9 because I had to register for my baby shower, which I had procrastinated on, and buy Krysta her baby shower gift. Then I went to the shower, and we were on our way back to the Soo by 2! Needless to say, my mom and I both took a nap when we got home haha.

Target was also successful for one other thing...I bought the baby her crib bedding!! I had seen it the last time I was in Target and was stalking it online for a few weeks. So I knew it was exactly what I wanted. My mom bought a pack of matching recieving blankets and covered the rocking chair that we have and made a little curtain to match. Her and Dani are the crafty ones of the family...and I let them take over because they do a great job and I wouldn't haha. The rocking chair and curtain look really good and complete the whole "nursery"...which is my room too haha. Here are some pictures of the crib and bedding and some belly pictures because it's been awhile.

The beautiful curtain my mom made

An inside view. Chicketies, and the bumper looks like polka dots, but they're little flowers

My mom covered the custions with recieving blankets! She also made the ruffles.

Krysta and I at her Baby Shower

Its sticking out there more and more
my poor poor belly button

one more side-view

the baby's beautiful crib and rocking chair

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Belly

So I was lying in Pat's bed after I took a shower...and it always seems that the baby moves a lot after I take a shower or bath. So I decided to try to get a video of it. The beginning is a bit boring, but I started to "rile" her up by pushing on my belly and by the end my whole belly is moving :). She's sassy apparently haha. Other than my moving belly, I am now 7 months (28 week). yay. Only 3 months left. I don't feel very prepared, but my mother is more on the ball than me, and ordered my crib while I've been gone. She does nice things like that for me...like putting the crib together and having it all set up for when I come home :). Anybody who has lived with me has probably seen the dresser I attempted to put together myself, It was ugly and took me all day to figure out. So it's a good thing if someone takes over the crib, because it'll have much more precious cargo than my clothing.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

27 Week Appointment

Pat arrived in town last Monday :)!! Just in time for my 27 week doctor's appointment. I had my gestational diabetes test and another rhogam shot. So it was a long appointment, and nice to have someone with me haha. Pat also had a chance to meet Doctor Mackie...so that was nice too. Everything went great and I have another 4 weeks to wait for my next appointment.

After the appointment, Pat and I headed to Marquette. We stayed the night at Dani's house and then took off for Calgary in the morning. We split our trip up into 3 days, thank god because the first day I was sick and the drive was torture. We are here now though :). We had dinner at Carolyn's for Leslie's birthday (for those of you who don't know, Leslie is Pat's brother, Ryan's girlfriend). Then we headed over to the local pub, Denim's...and of course I left early because I'm a bum, but everyone else is still over there having fun ;). Next time I come to Calgary I will have a Kokanee haha. I will take some pictures during my trip and post them later.