Saturday, May 2, 2009

27 Week Appointment

Pat arrived in town last Monday :)!! Just in time for my 27 week doctor's appointment. I had my gestational diabetes test and another rhogam shot. So it was a long appointment, and nice to have someone with me haha. Pat also had a chance to meet Doctor that was nice too. Everything went great and I have another 4 weeks to wait for my next appointment.

After the appointment, Pat and I headed to Marquette. We stayed the night at Dani's house and then took off for Calgary in the morning. We split our trip up into 3 days, thank god because the first day I was sick and the drive was torture. We are here now though :). We had dinner at Carolyn's for Leslie's birthday (for those of you who don't know, Leslie is Pat's brother, Ryan's girlfriend). Then we headed over to the local pub, Denim's...and of course I left early because I'm a bum, but everyone else is still over there having fun ;). Next time I come to Calgary I will have a Kokanee haha. I will take some pictures during my trip and post them later.

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