Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News

I finally had progress on my job hunt! I've been working on my substitute teaching applications and my mom's friend, Tracy, called this morning and told me to bring my application packet in to her school today because they're looking for a long-term sub for a para-professional in one of their classrooms. So I hurried and went to turn everything in, and Tracy saw me and introduced me to that teacher...who said she would put my name first on her list and told me that the position opens on May 11th...sooo more good news, because I can still go to Calgary for a visit!!!

Also...I was lying in bed last night and I saw my belly move! Hahaha, I had to keep looking because I thought maybe I was making it up in my head...but she moved again, so I took out my blackberry and tried to take a video, and of course she wasn't cooperating. I pushed and poked and tried to get her to kick or move again...but no luck. Oh well...I'll have to wait until she's more consistent. One more piece of good news...I have less than 100 days left, 99 to be exact haha!


  1. YAY! How exciting :) You for sure need to try to get a lil video of your belly moving!!

  2. Desi! Thanks for sending me the link! :) You look great! Congrats again :)