Wednesday, April 1, 2009

23 Weeks and Doctor's Appointment

I had my first Doctor's appointment in the Soo today. It went great and it was so good to see Dr. Mackie. First thing I did when I went in was get weighed...7lbs later haha. So I am now up to 10lbs total. I figured I gained more than I had any other visit because it seems just in the past couple weeks my belly came out. Dr. Mackie said I'm really healthy and everything looked great...he also scheduled me for an ultrasound on Friday. It will be nice because my mom and grandma will get to go, and thats something they will love to do. I figured this would be a quick visit but thats ok because the next visit I'll be doing the testing for gestational diabetes and I will get another rhogam shot, so that appointment will take longer.

I'm really proud of myself...I played an April Fool's Day prank on Pat!!!! hahahaha. I decided that I was going to call him after the appointment and tell him that I had an ultrasound and that doctor found another baby and we were having twin girls! Ok yes, for a woman this story would be kind of unbelievable...but Pat is a man and has no clue. So this is how it went...I texted pat and said "OMG I need to talk to you". When I was driving to lunch with my mom Pat called me back and asked what I was doing and I said "ohh driving to lunch, we're going to celebrate", and Pat asked why and I said "You're not even going to believe it....I had an ultrasound today...I don't think I can tell'll never guess", and he had mentioned twins before so the first thing he said was "twins?". So he played right into it and i said "YES...two girls!"...and Pat was so happy I couldn't help but feel bad for my prank! So I said "April Fools Day Pat!" hahaha and he said something I'm not going to put on the blog haha. But I was very proud of myself bc i'm not much of a prankster, and the prank turned around on me and I felt bad because I didn't expect Pat to be so excited and actually believe me! Haha oh well, it will be a good story to tell the baby when she's older :)

Anyways...I'm gonna post some random pictures I took of some gifts I've recieved, just because I love seeing pictures on a blog and want to share them. Also, I decided I would post ultrasound pictures after tomorrow so I can post both old and new ones together.

Some really cute outfits...Just a few of my favs
I bought her this pair of stewart weizman slippers!! haha I couldn't help myself :)

My mom's best friend Lori bought me this blanket...and
I love it so much I'm going to decorate the nursery
around it....hearts, polka dots, and stripes.

She sent me 2 other blankets and this is one that matches...they're really comfy


  1. hahahaha your joke was such a cute idea! Most men would freak out! Nice that Pat was supportive right off the bat though :) Glad your appointment went well!

  2. I love your blog! And you have such a cute pregnant belly...awww :)
    I just told Darin about your prank---I was dying laughing and he just looked at me and said, "I think I would beat you." Hahahaha....Tell Pat he says hi and hope you and your little girl are doing great!!