Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little video and a little retraction

Happy Thursday! Its almost Halloweeeeeen yay! I'm going to bring Liv to my mom's work tomorrow, they have some trick or treating and a little parade at her work for kids. She now has a new costume...hahah. It will be a surprise for everyone. Its nothing you couldn't guess, but it'll be fun to wait and see :). This week has been dragging, but I did have my first day of work, but it was only a half day, and the day after they cancelled school for all of the district because there's too many sick kids. Just my luck. Oh well, it was a good first day back.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday. There is a Halloween party here that my family and friends always go to. We all get ready at my house and then head to the fun. Liv is gonna get dressed up here and then go to her Great Grandma's for the night. Here is a little video of her to hold everyone over til I have halloween pictures (I know how excited you all are, you probably won't be able to sleep...).

Oh...and my retraction. I just posted that Liv was 3 months...which depending on how you look at it, she might be ha. I was still counting 4 weeks to a month from being pregnant. BUT my friend Tara brought it to my attention and I didn't really get it until wouldn't add up correctly. So I will now start counting a month as a I'll do a re-do 3 month post on November 2nd.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 Months

Liv is 3 months old today! I feel like she should be way older than 3 months just seems like she has been in my life a lot longer and the day she was born seems a year ago (no I still don't agree with the whole "you forget the pain" crap). Onto what is new with my little nugget...she is getting really good with her head. She loves being on her belly with her boppy and lifting her head up to take in the view. She has a v-tech ball that lights up/sings/moves and she follows it with her eyes all over the place. She also loves to stand up. I can hold onto just her hands and she is pretty sturdy. She has been drooling like a grandma thinks she is teething, but 3 months seems so early for that. We hadn't really used her bibs until a week ago when her drooling got a little out of control. I kind of think she likes blowing spit bubbles and thats why she ends up drooling ha. She also loves the tv (I know I know), but whatever we are doing she will turn her head to stare at the tv. So it is very obvious to me she will love tv when I actually let her sit and watch it. In sad news Liv seems to be losing hair :(. I love her hair and it keeps getting thinner and thinner and my mom keeps saying she thinks its growing in blonde. I have nothing against blondes but I just really loved her black hair when she was born. Oh well...I'll get over it. She has started pulling and grabbing my hair ::ouch:: and she doesn't care that it hurts!

I'm really looking forward to halloween and dressing Liv all up in her Dorothy costume. I need to glitter up some red shoes for her and the costume will be complete. It will be so much fun when she actually knows what halloween is and can pick out what she wants to dress up as. Of course I will take a trillion pictures of Liv all dressed up and post them here. I'm posting a video today of Liv with her blankie. She loves playing with it and shoving it in her face/mouth.

Throwing a little tantrum after her bath...when a girl is hungry she's hungry...especially a chubba

"I'm serious mom...get that bottle NOW"

My mother and I had a disagreement about the outfit liv should wear for her 3 month photo shoot. This was my choice.

This was my mom's choice

Notice the monkey...we bought her these finger puppets and she loves this monkey. Lily thinks its hers when we play with it.

Sorry the video is turned sideways...I'm retarded.

I just love these pj's and wanted a photo of her in them

Another thing Liv does...grabs her shirt and lifts it up! I told Pat that this isn't going to be so cute when she gets older hahah. She likes to expose her chubby little belly. She's not shy.

A little blurry, but this jacket is so adorable...the ears have bows!

Exer-saucer time...first time trying it out. She liked the mirrors and staring at herself :)

See what I mean.

Auntie Dani home for a visit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My beautiful baby...and my talented sister

Seriously...I am the luckiest person when it comes to my sister. She is such an amazing photographer, even though she thinks of it as a side job. She does a great job and takes a lot of pride in the pictures she takes of her niece. Dani and I were planning on taking Liv's 3 month pictures this weekend and they turned out beautiful! The fall colors made everything that much better. My grandma also found a dress she bought for liv down in Buford, GA when her and my mom picked me up. It was this cinderella dress that was sized 12 months. Well wouldn't you know the thing fit my little chubba! My friend Amber also lent us some baby hats that were themed and we had a pumpkin one that was perfect for fall. Here are some of the pictures Dani took...I am impatiently waiting for the rest :)

Looking a little sad while we make her pose on a mini bench with a pumpkin

This is right after Liv face-planted in a pile of leaves...feeling quite sorry for herself :(

My FAVORITE picture by far!

Isn't this awesome???!

Mommy and Smiley Liv

This is all Dani's vision ha!

Little Fairy? Angel? I dunno, but its cute

Princess Dress...we didn't call her Princess Carolyn for nothing! friggin' cute

Thursday, October 15, 2009

11 Weeks (almost)

I'm doing this post a little early...I'm bored and feel like it. Liv will be 11 weeks on Sunday. 11 is very close to 12...and 12 is 3 months! I remember saying "god, I wish I could just fast forward to when my baby is 3 months old". I'm not sure what I thought a baby that was 3 months old did, but I think I may have been a little naive ha. However, we tried something new. Liv is a very noisy sleeper...grunts, whines, breathes loudly. Its very distracting and wakes me up constantly. So, I decided to put her in her crib which is across the room. Wouldn't you know...she started sleeping through the night! she goes to bed around 9:30pm and wakes up around 6am! I have been putting her to bed after her nighttime bottle and letting her fall asleep by herself. She has a mobile and a bear that has "wave" sounds. I sometimes have to give her a sucky back a few times, but she's been falling asleep by herself. Go Liv! And go Desi!! I've been getting a full night of sleep, woo hoo!

I mentioned in my last post that Liv has been sucking on her fist. Well she has this little blanket, I think they call them binky's (thank you Auntie Donna). She likes to grab it, stick it in her mouth, pull it over her face. Its really cute and convenient when I need her to entertain herself, like when i'm trying to shower and get ready :) Other than that, nothing is new. Working on the laughing...the minute I get a giggle I will try to get a video of it.

Sucking on her hand

With her binky


Hanging out with her grandpa

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First week back at work?

Well it is my first week back at work...problem is, apparently no subs are needed! Well not yet anyways. I did however have a productive week so far working on my thesis. I need to stop being in denial that this needs to be turned in by November 27th and that date keeps creeping up on me eeek. I also stopped by the County Clerk's office today to pick up Liv's birth certificate and get the paperwork for her passport and wouldn't you know the woman I talked to said "both parents are going to need to be present when you bring this back" which she received a blank stare and a response that was something like "uhhhh he's in Ireland!". So now I have another piece of paper (more paperwork...yay) that I need to send to Pat and he needs to fill out and it needs to be notorized and sent back. Just another step and in Pat and my life it seems only natural that this process not be easy. We always seem to take the long way around things.

Something new that Liv has been doing...sucking on her hands! Or more so her fists. Its quite the drooly mess, but its kinda funny. She had a cranky day a few days ago, so I decided Liv could have a little treat and sleep with me. I woke up to her sucking like a mad woman on her hand. I'm assuming she was hungry because it was an hour before she really woke up. So I put her sucky in her mouth, which wasn't an easy task because her hand was like suctioned to her face. It was cute and I have a little video of her sucking on her hand.

Ok this is random...has anyone watched that show "18 kids and counting"? Ok first of all these people are crazy bc who wants that many kids (not to mention all of them have names that start with "j"..."j" like jesus). One is a lot of work...and I read somewhere that this woman has been pregnant for 12 years of her life!!!!! But anyways, I'm watching it right now and its the episode where the oldest boy in the family and his wife have their first the first grandchild of the 18 kids. Well anyways...the oldest boy's wife is always wearing a matching shirt with either her mother or her mother-in-law??! Sorry Carolyn, I love you...but we will never wear matching shirts :)!!! Ok I went off a random tangent but I thought it was hilarious.

Here's the star of the show....

Well Hello There

Getting better with her bumbo

Bottle before bedtime

Friday, October 9, 2009


Thank god its Friday?? Really...I don't work, so every day is Friday. But its Friday for my mother, which means I get 2 full days of help and the ability to take a shower and share feedings. YES. I have got everything set to start working next week though! I'm really looking forward to it actually. Liv will be with her great grandma (grammy), so there is nothing to stress about. She isn't going to daycare...yet anyways.

In other news, Liv got a rash on her her many chub rolls. So I brought her to the walk-in clinic and she got an antibiotic and i've just been cleaning and keeping her neck dry. She seems fine on the antibiotic smells awful so I'm sure it doesn't taste good. She doesn't gulp it down, but I can coax her to take it ha. We are going to do a little shopping this weekend for Liv. She needs a winter jacket and some winter clothes. I also need some dress pants for work. Here are some photos and a little video from this morning.

Having a little chuckle...silent of course. I haven't gotten the real thing out of her.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Girl

I don't have a lot to update on, but I took some pictures earlier this week that I really liked. I got Liv all dressed up for nothing, but what else am i supposed to do with myself?? She looked so pretty and then took a 4 hour nap in her swing...and when she woke up, she had pee'd through her entire outfit and all over the swing! I had to take all the material part off the swing and wash it. Just my luck. I also have a little video from the day too.

Here is a video of me working to get some smiles out of Liv....that noise you hear is me sticking my tongue out at her haha...she likes the noise that goes along with it. Weird, I know...but it works! She also likes the other 'popping' noise that I make. Both of those are my "go to's" to make her smile.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ohhhh schedules.... life seems like it will never have a schedule ever again. Liv was sleeping consistently from 9 or 10pm til about 5-5:30am, last night there was a halt in that schedule. She had her bottle and then fell asleep around 10, only to be awake again at 1am...and then again at 5am. Of course, today was my day I was going to wake up and go to the gym at 6am (so my mom would be home with liv). Its pretty hard to convince yourself to get out of bed after waking up at 1am and 5am...or at least it is for me :). Both times she sucked down 6oz...which isn't normal for her. When she was waking up 2 times a night, she never drank a full 6oz, it was usually 4 and she'd fall asleep. I'm hoping this is a small a one night phase and tonight she will magically sleep all night.

Oh and a little story: I have been reading about getting your baby to sleep through the night. I read a lot of mother's ideas and one was about swaddling. Well we never really consistently swaddled liv. First of all, she was 9lbs to begin with and receiving blankets weren't very practical and secondly she didn't seem to like it. But I gave it a try the other night...keep in mind, I was not using a receiving blanket. It was a normal sized baby blanket. She is too long! I can fold her arms all tight in there and then when I go to pull the bottom up and tuck it such luck. Amazon baby.

Other things that have been going on at home are that we have been trying to get Liv to like her bumbo (i.e. freaky infant seat that babies are supposed to love). She hates it, usually screams when we put her in it. We can get a good 5 minutes out of her and she's had enough. On a positive note, she loves spending time on her tummy with the help of her boppy. BTW, who made up these names, boppy and bumbo? Somebody who thought moms needed help sounding more crazy than we already do...Lovely. We've also been working on getting Liv to "talk"...I can't confidently say she is, but we are almost there I think. Also, Liv loves music...I'm making her favorite music be country of course, Taylor Swift to be more specific. And weirdly, she seems to like my singing ;) Poor girl.

Of course I have some pictures for everyone to look at.

Hating her bumbo

Doesn't she look like she's enjoying herself?

New shoes!

We like to prop her hands up and get her to hold her bottle ha :) It looks funny

Lily wanting in on some of the attention

Mom and Liv


Smiling for the camera