Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ohhhh schedules.... life seems like it will never have a schedule ever again. Liv was sleeping consistently from 9 or 10pm til about 5-5:30am, last night there was a halt in that schedule. She had her bottle and then fell asleep around 10, only to be awake again at 1am...and then again at 5am. Of course, today was my day I was going to wake up and go to the gym at 6am (so my mom would be home with liv). Its pretty hard to convince yourself to get out of bed after waking up at 1am and 5am...or at least it is for me :). Both times she sucked down 6oz...which isn't normal for her. When she was waking up 2 times a night, she never drank a full 6oz, it was usually 4 and she'd fall asleep. I'm hoping this is a small a one night phase and tonight she will magically sleep all night.

Oh and a little story: I have been reading about getting your baby to sleep through the night. I read a lot of mother's ideas and one was about swaddling. Well we never really consistently swaddled liv. First of all, she was 9lbs to begin with and receiving blankets weren't very practical and secondly she didn't seem to like it. But I gave it a try the other night...keep in mind, I was not using a receiving blanket. It was a normal sized baby blanket. She is too long! I can fold her arms all tight in there and then when I go to pull the bottom up and tuck it such luck. Amazon baby.

Other things that have been going on at home are that we have been trying to get Liv to like her bumbo (i.e. freaky infant seat that babies are supposed to love). She hates it, usually screams when we put her in it. We can get a good 5 minutes out of her and she's had enough. On a positive note, she loves spending time on her tummy with the help of her boppy. BTW, who made up these names, boppy and bumbo? Somebody who thought moms needed help sounding more crazy than we already do...Lovely. We've also been working on getting Liv to "talk"...I can't confidently say she is, but we are almost there I think. Also, Liv loves music...I'm making her favorite music be country of course, Taylor Swift to be more specific. And weirdly, she seems to like my singing ;) Poor girl.

Of course I have some pictures for everyone to look at.

Hating her bumbo

Doesn't she look like she's enjoying herself?

New shoes!

We like to prop her hands up and get her to hold her bottle ha :) It looks funny

Lily wanting in on some of the attention

Mom and Liv


Smiling for the camera

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