Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little video and a little retraction

Happy Thursday! Its almost Halloweeeeeen yay! I'm going to bring Liv to my mom's work tomorrow, they have some trick or treating and a little parade at her work for kids. She now has a new costume...hahah. It will be a surprise for everyone. Its nothing you couldn't guess, but it'll be fun to wait and see :). This week has been dragging, but I did have my first day of work, but it was only a half day, and the day after they cancelled school for all of the district because there's too many sick kids. Just my luck. Oh well, it was a good first day back.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday. There is a Halloween party here that my family and friends always go to. We all get ready at my house and then head to the fun. Liv is gonna get dressed up here and then go to her Great Grandma's for the night. Here is a little video of her to hold everyone over til I have halloween pictures (I know how excited you all are, you probably won't be able to sleep...).

Oh...and my retraction. I just posted that Liv was 3 months...which depending on how you look at it, she might be ha. I was still counting 4 weeks to a month from being pregnant. BUT my friend Tara brought it to my attention and I didn't really get it until wouldn't add up correctly. So I will now start counting a month as a I'll do a re-do 3 month post on November 2nd.

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  1. Hi Desi!! Hi Olivia!! Hi Monkey!! haha
    I can't wait to see her costumes but what I really can't wait for is what is going to be her CUTE little Christmas outfit and what PJ's she is going to wear to spot Santa!!:)