Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween isn't so much fun with a baby...except for seeing her in her costume(s), however Liv hated getting dressed up. Hated it, besides when she was trying to eat the glitter that was on the tule surrounding her dress. Or the little plastic decal on the front...she basically just wanted to eat her costume.

My mom has a closet full of costumes and she just happens to have an adult Dorothy costume. So, just for fun I put it on and put Liv in hers so that we could have a cute pictures of us together. But her "real" costume was snow white. My mom's work office has a daycare attached to it and every year the kids come through and have a little "parade" and they employees in her office all dress up and hand out candy, so thats where Liv and I went on Friday. She was actually pleasant in her costume that day but the poor thing was exhausted by the end and I have some pictures of her asleep sitting up in my lap.

Liv spent the night with her great grandma on Halloween because my family and friends and I go to a big Halloween party every year. She was good for her grandma though and slept until 6:30, so maybe this means we'll have to do another sleepover sometime :). I was a little worried because this past week Liv has decided to wake up in the middle of the night for a bottle (6oz bottle to be exact), but the night before she slept til 5:30 and so I was crossing my fingers that she would do it again...and she did! Now lets see if this trend continues.

There she is eating her fist

The two Dorothy's and Toto

This is where she fell asleep at my mom's office

She was fading

Dazzling everyone at my mom's office with her pretty dress and lots of smiles

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