Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things are looking up

Well, earlier this week I gave up on waiting for Liv's paperwork because I was afraid it wouldn't come. So I applied for her passport with a special circumstances statement. This was on Monday, and her paperwork came yesterday!!! I'm going in today to have it sent :). When we got the paperwork Liv and I did the "we are going to Ireland" dance! I shouldn't speak so soon because technically, no passports are in our hands, but I'm thinking positively.

Yesterday was a good day all around...Dani got here last night! Liv and I love when Auntie Dani comes. We are going to attempt some Christmas pictures today and maybe split the photo shoot up into two days. My friend, Jocie, also came up yesterday and we are all going out tonight...its a big night to go out in the soo (the day before thanksgiving). I'm guessing its so popular because everyone comes back into town for the holiday. Regardless of why, I'm looking forward to it.

Liv has been pretty predictable lately. She has her nap in the morning and longer nap in the afternoon. Its a nice break for sure. I get things done in that time, like showering, drinking coffee...the essentials. We are still trying rice cereal. I've been mixing in peaches or sweet potatoes. She likes it, but she doesn't love it yet. We definitley can't try it when she has reached the point of too hungry. Or else I can't shovel it in fast enough and it ends in a screaming fit with food all over liv's face, hands, etc. I'm working on Liv sitting up. I place her boppy behind her and some toys in front of her. She is doing pretty well. Sometimes she'll lean back and pull herself forward. She will also grab a toy in front of her. Its progress! Rolling over is still a no-go. I'm not sure how I can convince her that its a good idea, but she has given up on it. I will put her on her belly and it will usually end with her face in the blanket and screaming.

Something else Liv has been doing...I wouldn't say she "plays strange", but she is definitley developing a preference for me. Its weird...I always say "geez, why does she like me so much?". She will cry and cry sometimes if someone else has her and she knows i'm around and she wants me or can't see me. Last night she threw a fit while I ran into town. My mom and Dani called me and were like "get back here". When I got home, she was all sweaty and her face was red. She was pretty worked up and as soon as I picked her up she was all smiles. I won't feels good, but it can also be frustrating. OH and you might notice in some of these pictures that Liv is looking quite bald and that is because she is! She is seriously losing hair, one side more than the other. I've mentioned it before, but the blonde keeps coming in. By the looks of it is going to be white blonde.

Auntie Dani had her smiling like crazy...we call it her silent laugh, she just can't figure out the real thing yet.

"oh I love you're so funny"

Forgot to mention that she has been sucking on her two thumb


She loves her soft elmo book from Grandma Doreen

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