Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whoa, what a week

We have had quite the week so far. After writing my last post and being up twice that night with day got even better. I dropped Liv off at my grandma's at around 10:20am and went to Penny's Kitchen (coffehouse). That is where I go to work on my thesis because they have wifi and as much coffee as I can inhale. I left there at 12pm and went to the hospital to pick up my questionnaires for my thesis. I was there maybe 15 minutes and then went to lunch at Maloney's (pub). After lunch I picked Liv up and went home...when I opened the passenger door to get liv, I grabbed my backpack and went to grab my purse, and it wasn't there?! So I get Liv and bring everything inside replaying exactly what might have happened to my purse and where I could have misplaced it. When I went to Penny's kitchen I took my wallet and phone out of my purse and left my purse in the car...I never lock my doors due to the fact that the passenger lock is sometimes impossible to unlock and that is the side I put liv in because I'm driving Pat's 2-door explorer. I seriously kept thinking "no way did someone steal my purse in sault ste. marie"....well I guess they did.

Here is the passport was in my purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So was my camera, well my grandma's that she gave me :(. I am having the longest streak of bad luck known to man. UMM I have a plane ticket to Ireland for December 14th and i just got my passport stolen! So after I cry, hyperventilate, and talk out what i'm going to do with my mom, I pack liv up and drive back in town. Stop at everywhere I was, give them my name and phone number, walk around and check dumpsters, and finally end up at the police station to file a police report.

This story gets better. I am treating this as though I am never getting my passport back because if I wait and see then I won't be going to Ireland, which isn't exceptable. The problem I ran into is I don't have a copy of my birth certificate (and when you get your passport stolen, you don't get to just renew it, the whole process starts over). Did I add that I was born in Arizona? So its not just a simple trip to the county clerk's office to get a copy. Ya. I did however get a phone call today saying it should be delivered, but I need to be here to sign for it. I am also still waiting for Liv's paperwork from Pat to get her passport. It is supposed to arrive today also, so we will see.

Moral of the story...lock your doors, even if you live in a small "innocent" town and you have to crawl across the driver and passenger seats with an infant in tow in order to fidget like a maniac in order to unlock the door to clip your child's carseat into her base! I hope this theif was happy when he/she saw that there was absolutely NO money in that purse. more thing. This theif saw a base for a carseat in the backseat and also a stroller! Who steals from a mom with a baby????? Ok I'm done are some pictures of Liv, the bright side of my life ha.
"Come here mr. elephant...get in my mouth"

trying to get her thumb? she spends a majority of her time doing this...

Trying to eat her giraffe rattle...see a pattern?

Hi pretty girl

Thanks Aunt Jilly for the cool zippy!

We are sooo Green ;)...another gift from Aunt Jilly


Best dressed girl on the block


  1. So sorry to hear about your passport. FYI- I believe you have to file some forms regarding your stolen passport, too (if they didn't already tell you that). Sending you positive thoughts!

  2. Oh Desi..I am so sorry. I feel so bad for you!! As if your week wasn't stressful enough as it was. I was driving to work today thinking about how excited you must be to see Pat..and to see Liv and him interact! It's going to be so much fun, it made me smile thinking about it!! I hope you are planning on blogging while you are there :) Talk to you soon and try to have a good day!