Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Camera

Another good trip to Marquette. We left Tuesday night and arrived around 9pm. Liv slept most of the way, which is pretty usual for her. I just make sure she has a full belly before we leave. I was a little worried because she had a mini meltdown right before we left. She was due for another dose of tylenol (because of her vaccinations) and she was a bit cranky that night and a little the next day. Liv slept in a bed with me that night and slept straight through until 6:30am. She was exhausted, plus she always sleeps an extra hour or so when she sleeps with me...figures.

We got up early Wednesday morning and went shopping, ate border grill mmm, and visited Dani and Mike. Dani had said she wanted to give me her "old" camera. She appreciates good pictures and since she's not around she said she wants to at least look at quality pictures. Photo Snob :). So she whipped out her old Nikon and started showing me how to use it. I'm thinking it will take me awhile to get the hang of, but we took a bunch of pictures just playing around. So thank you Auntie Dani.

Some of the pictures you will see Liv in a Johnny Jumper. I had wanted one for when we go to visit Pat, because we won't have all of Liv's bouncers and swing plus it will fit nicely in my suitcase. My mom knew this and when she was at a second hand store she found one for a good price! Liv didn't really know what she was doing in it and just spun around in a circle like the little nugget that she is.

In other news...Our tickets are booked to Belfast! We are leaving December 14th until January 11th. We are really excited to see Patty. My grammy is flying over with us and then leaving on December 21st. So I'm gonna have to get the hang of traveling with an infant on the way over because on the way back I'm on my own, eeek! I may need a stiff drink when I land back in Michigan. I better get working on my camera skills too so that I can have lots of great pictures from our trip!

Liv loves standing and looking around...its one of her favorite pasttimes

Smiling with her new hat on, from auntie Dani of course...she keeps her on the track to having a closet as jam packed as her own

It is so cute on her!

Two of her favorite things, eating and auntie

"Hey guys, what am i supposed to do in here?"

Getting tired of all the pictures

There are some faces that Liv makes where she looks like her dad. AND case in point...holy moly that is Pat all the way. As the nurse in the hospital put it "there's no way he can deny her!"

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