Sunday, November 8, 2009

Laidback Weekend

Liv and I had a really laid back weekend. We didn't have anything going on so we just lounged around. It was nice. I worked a few days last week so it was nice to just relax. I'm still looking for more work because subbing isn't making me as busy as I'd like. I will figure it out though :). I love being home with Liv, but mommy needs money.

We finally have Liv's 2 month appointment coming up on Tuesday. Only about a month and a half late. However, I'm really annoyed because I got a letter back in july when I was pregnant saying I might be up for jury duty from August through November....I tried getting out of it seeing I was due on August 2nd, but I had no such luck and wouldn't you know I get assigned jury duty for tuesday!!!!!! I'm so mad...but I'm supposed to call Monday and find out if it was cancelled. I hear they are cancelled a lot so I'm crossing my fingers. I have a list of questions for the doctor and I will have to send it with my mom if I can't go. I would like to be there though because Liv gets two vaccinations. Hopefully her chubby thighs will be good for something :). After our day on tuesday, we are going to go to Marquette and then staying for the day on Wednesday and heading home. Dani wants to see Liv and my mom has the day off. Dani and I have been talking about Christmas pictures so maybe we can take a few while we are there? If not we are going to try to talk her into coming up during Thanksgiving. Either way, let me know if you would like me to send you some of Liv's Holiday Pics!

Hey mom!

Looking like a little princess

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