Monday, October 19, 2009

My beautiful baby...and my talented sister

Seriously...I am the luckiest person when it comes to my sister. She is such an amazing photographer, even though she thinks of it as a side job. She does a great job and takes a lot of pride in the pictures she takes of her niece. Dani and I were planning on taking Liv's 3 month pictures this weekend and they turned out beautiful! The fall colors made everything that much better. My grandma also found a dress she bought for liv down in Buford, GA when her and my mom picked me up. It was this cinderella dress that was sized 12 months. Well wouldn't you know the thing fit my little chubba! My friend Amber also lent us some baby hats that were themed and we had a pumpkin one that was perfect for fall. Here are some of the pictures Dani took...I am impatiently waiting for the rest :)

Looking a little sad while we make her pose on a mini bench with a pumpkin

This is right after Liv face-planted in a pile of leaves...feeling quite sorry for herself :(

My FAVORITE picture by far!

Isn't this awesome???!

Mommy and Smiley Liv

This is all Dani's vision ha!

Little Fairy? Angel? I dunno, but its cute

Princess Dress...we didn't call her Princess Carolyn for nothing! friggin' cute

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