Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First week back at work?

Well it is my first week back at work...problem is, apparently no subs are needed! Well not yet anyways. I did however have a productive week so far working on my thesis. I need to stop being in denial that this needs to be turned in by November 27th and that date keeps creeping up on me eeek. I also stopped by the County Clerk's office today to pick up Liv's birth certificate and get the paperwork for her passport and wouldn't you know the woman I talked to said "both parents are going to need to be present when you bring this back"....to which she received a blank stare and a response that was something like "uhhhh he's in Ireland!". So now I have another piece of paper (more paperwork...yay) that I need to send to Pat and he needs to fill out and it needs to be notorized and sent back. Just another step and in Pat and my life it seems only natural that this process not be easy. We always seem to take the long way around things.

Something new that Liv has been doing...sucking on her hands! Or more so her fists. Its quite the drooly mess, but its kinda funny. She had a cranky day a few days ago, so I decided Liv could have a little treat and sleep with me. I woke up to her sucking like a mad woman on her hand. I'm assuming she was hungry because it was an hour before she really woke up. So I put her sucky in her mouth, which wasn't an easy task because her hand was like suctioned to her face. It was cute and I have a little video of her sucking on her hand.

Ok this is random...has anyone watched that show "18 kids and counting"? Ok first of all these people are crazy bc who wants that many kids (not to mention all of them have names that start with "j"..."j" like jesus). One is a lot of work...and I read somewhere that this woman has been pregnant for 12 years of her life!!!!! But anyways, I'm watching it right now and its the episode where the oldest boy in the family and his wife have their first baby...so the first grandchild of the 18 kids. Well anyways...the oldest boy's wife is always wearing a matching shirt with either her mother or her mother-in-law??! Sorry Carolyn, I love you...but we will never wear matching shirts :)!!! Ok I went off a random tangent but I thought it was hilarious.

Here's the star of the show....

Well Hello There

Getting better with her bumbo

Bottle before bedtime

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