Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 Months

Liv is 3 months old today! I feel like she should be way older than 3 months just seems like she has been in my life a lot longer and the day she was born seems a year ago (no I still don't agree with the whole "you forget the pain" crap). Onto what is new with my little nugget...she is getting really good with her head. She loves being on her belly with her boppy and lifting her head up to take in the view. She has a v-tech ball that lights up/sings/moves and she follows it with her eyes all over the place. She also loves to stand up. I can hold onto just her hands and she is pretty sturdy. She has been drooling like a grandma thinks she is teething, but 3 months seems so early for that. We hadn't really used her bibs until a week ago when her drooling got a little out of control. I kind of think she likes blowing spit bubbles and thats why she ends up drooling ha. She also loves the tv (I know I know), but whatever we are doing she will turn her head to stare at the tv. So it is very obvious to me she will love tv when I actually let her sit and watch it. In sad news Liv seems to be losing hair :(. I love her hair and it keeps getting thinner and thinner and my mom keeps saying she thinks its growing in blonde. I have nothing against blondes but I just really loved her black hair when she was born. Oh well...I'll get over it. She has started pulling and grabbing my hair ::ouch:: and she doesn't care that it hurts!

I'm really looking forward to halloween and dressing Liv all up in her Dorothy costume. I need to glitter up some red shoes for her and the costume will be complete. It will be so much fun when she actually knows what halloween is and can pick out what she wants to dress up as. Of course I will take a trillion pictures of Liv all dressed up and post them here. I'm posting a video today of Liv with her blankie. She loves playing with it and shoving it in her face/mouth.

Throwing a little tantrum after her bath...when a girl is hungry she's hungry...especially a chubba

"I'm serious mom...get that bottle NOW"

My mother and I had a disagreement about the outfit liv should wear for her 3 month photo shoot. This was my choice.

This was my mom's choice

Notice the monkey...we bought her these finger puppets and she loves this monkey. Lily thinks its hers when we play with it.

Sorry the video is turned sideways...I'm retarded.

I just love these pj's and wanted a photo of her in them

Another thing Liv does...grabs her shirt and lifts it up! I told Pat that this isn't going to be so cute when she gets older hahah. She likes to expose her chubby little belly. She's not shy.

A little blurry, but this jacket is so adorable...the ears have bows!

Exer-saucer time...first time trying it out. She liked the mirrors and staring at herself :)

See what I mean.

Auntie Dani home for a visit.

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